Today, more and more people are opting to build their new home from scratch, working with luxury home builders to craft their dream house. While custom-home creation has become more popular because people have total say in the finished product, are able to build in a location they love and end up with a unique home that fits their style, there are even more benefits to building from scratch that builders are capitalizing on. Having an eco-friendly home is not only better for you and your monthly expenses but allows your home to positively contribute to the ecosystem and community you live in. Here are three ways environmental-focused home building betters you and society.

1. You don’t have to share as many resources.

Some locations throughout the United States severely struggle with water allocation and making sure everyone who lives there has access to enough resources. Eco-building takes the strain off of having to rely on as many natural resources. In essence, less usage can be used longer. While this will increase your savings because you’ll end up with lower water or gas consumption due to your home’s high efficiency, you’ll also reduce the strain on your community because your diminished usage means more resources are left to go around.

2. You won’t have leftover resources filled with toxins headed to landfills.

When building, there’s no way to accurately judge how many supplies you’re going to need which leads to excess materials getting thrown out when they aren’t used. Maybe they were damaged or just can’t be used by another builder, so they end up in a landfill. Concrete, wood, tile, etc. all take a long time to break down (some don’t ever break down) and just sit in landfills, leading to excess waste in society. Building with environmentally safe material, like the ones listed here, means leftovers won’t do that much damage because they’re made to be recycled. In addition, an environmental builder will most likely also come with the mindset to only purchase what is needed. They’re more focused on not having any leftovers, so you might be able to avoid material sitting around when working with someone who esteems the environment in the building process.

3. You’ll have better air flow and quality.

Homes built with an emphasis on the environment value what air is getting in and out of your home. Builders optimize window usage, creating a better air-quality flow in the house. In addition, many of these homes are installed with heating and cooling systems that can change from room to room. This means if you aren’t using the room, the heat or air won’t run there. It not only saves you a significant amount of money because you’ll use less energy but will provide better indoor air quality throughout the whole house.

For someone who’s getting ready to build a new home, a lot of ideas, details and choices go into crafting the space of your dreams. However, instead of just focusing on the floor plan or layout, thinking about the environment your home is getting built in will lead to lasting benefits for you and the world.

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