Got a new TV set and looking for how to install it? Although it seems as an easy task, it’s not as easy as it first sounds which is why you might want to consider an expert who can do it the right way. If you are installing a TV, your best bet is hiring experts who can do it right. This article gives you a complete guide for installing a TV the right way!

How to Install a TV

The task of installing a TV isn’t at all easy. From finding the right tools to fixing it right, every step matters.

  1. Finding the right tools

Proper installation of the TV requires the right tools which include pencil, tape measure, drill machine, a screw driver and bit, a stud finder and other such required tools.

  1. Locating the mount and the stud

The first thing that you need to do is to find the right place to hang so the television stays in place. This means to find the studs. You can either measure 16 inches from the outlet on the floor or another way will be to look for a stud finder. If finding the stud is difficult, you can use toggles but you need to ensure they can take the weight of the television. Mounting and setting the frame requires about four bolts that have to be drilled before the frame is fixed.

  1. Setting wires along the wall

Once the frame is hung, you now need to put the wires along the wall. But before you put the wires, you need to make sure the cables are capable of being placed in walls. If you fear or are unsure that your wires are not set to be in wall, you can call some professional for help to set a new outlet for the wiring so it cannot be seen.

  1. Placing TV once the mount is set

Once the frame is set, you can now place the television on the frame. This seems easy though, but you might want to seek a professional or someone of experience to make sure that it is set properly. Place the TV with great care and before you do, ensure that the frame is set in place and the screws are tight enough.

Where to call for TV installation help?        

Even if you find it an easy task, not everyone sees it as simple. They might want to approach someone professional at this job to get it done properly. You can get TV installation services right at your doorstep and the best part; its only one call away! Finding help is not a very difficult task. If you go online, sites like can be helpful for hiring a TV mount specialist. Easy booking can be done online and like many other sites, this too offers quality work at reasonable prices. These professionals offer some services such as TV installation, TV remount or dismount and other such extra services (cables etc.). To hire these services you can contact them on their email address or phone number.

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