Choosing the right cushions for your couch might not be easy, but if you understand what you want, you can get quality, durable and elegant cushions that compliment your personality. Here are some guidelines to aid you in choosing the best cushions for your space.

  1. Texture and the Material

Combining different materials and textures helps in enhancing elegance in your space use contrast to set the tone. You can try velvet as replacement cushions against leather-covered seats to enhance the warmth and harmonious look of your room.

The type of fabric is very crucial when choosing a replacement cushion. Wool, fur, or velvet cushions help add texture to your room, especially if you are sticking to neutral colors. Canvas or sturdy drill is more durable as compared to the lace, which is quite delicate.

2.Mix Sizes and Shapes

Having just one shape and size of the cushion can look a bit basic and boring. If you need to add  some visual interest, then different types will give you the elegance you require. The most common mixture includes a couple of large cushions with contrast colors to your sofa plus a few smaller, but stylish outliers .you can also compliment the looks by adding small rectangular cushions at the center.

  1. Mix and Match

A mixture of colors and patterns ensures that your cushions do not look out of place. Choose cohesive colors with at least a common fabric pattern .place the small cushions at the front to bring a detailed look. Remember, every time you arrange your cushions, the large ones stay at the back, followed by the medium cushion, then the small ones.

Select your cushion with already existing colors in mind. Ensure that the colors are coordinated and do not look as if they are fighting for attention. You can also consider your artwork, vases, and certain colors when buying cushions to ensure that they complement all the shades.

If your living room is neutral, you may have a large range of colors to choose from. Choose bold colors that can draw attention and create an immediate impact in your room.

  1. Number of Cushions

The cushion number will be depended on your taste and preference; however, you do not want very few cushions or too many. You can opt to use five cushions on a  3-seater couch and four cushions for a two-seater. If you have a single chair, uses only a single cushion.

  1. Design of Your Sofa

When looking for cushions, first you have to consider the type of sofa you have. Many modern sofas come with cushions that complement their styles. If you have gone for this option, you may not need to buy many cushions if your couch is the type that comes without cushions, you might need to buy your own to bring some style and texture to your seat.


Some bold patterns, designs, and print can help create an impact in your space; floral cushions are classic and bring an elegant look. The mixing of different patterns helps to create a modern look.

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