The best way to deal with carpet cleaning in the office is to hire professional cleaners. They know how to deal with carpets made from different materials. Besides, the office is big, and you can’t afford to spend a lot of time on carpet cleaning. You would rather have someone else do the job on a weekend.

The office carpet also receives high foot traffic. If you allow pets and children at work, expect more dust, dirt, and stains on the carpet. Therefore, it is practical to have office cleaners keep the carpets in good condition.

If you find the right cleaning company, the next thing is to prepare the place for carpet cleaning.


Remove anything that you think will get in the way of the cleaners. If there are papers and other items on the carpet, take them out. It is your way of making the job easy for the cleaners. They might be unsure if you are throwing those documents away, or if you still need them. When the carpet is clear, they can proceed with steam cleaning right away.

Take light furniture out

You can ask them to do it, but if they work on a weekend, no one will tell them how to deal with the furniture. Again, to help them speed up the cleaning process, remove the light furniture. It won’t take a lot of time to do it. You also want to protect the furniture, and the carpet cleaners might not handle it well since their primary focus is carpet cleaning.

Protect the walls

The walls might suffer from damage due to the marks from the hose used in carpet cleaning. The paintings on the walls might also break when the floor is shaking while carpet cleaning is happening. Use painter’s tape to protect the walls. It doesn’t leave marks, so you don’t need to worry about using it.

Lock up valuables

It does not mean that you don’t trust these cleaners, but they are technically not your employees. You can’t make them liable for any losses. Therefore, if you plan to ask the carpet cleaners to come over on the weekend to clean the carpets, you need to inform your employees about it. Tell them to lock up their valuables and anything they don’t want to lose during carpet cleaning.

Find the right carpet cleaner 

You need the best carpet cleaning service to ensure that your carpets stay in good condition. The best strategy is to hire the carpet cleaning company on a contractual basis. You can ask them to come over multiple times since you need to clean the carpets regularly. You will save money if you ask them to come several times.

Check out if you wish to have quality carpet cleaners doing the job. They have experienced carpet cleaners and quality carpet cleaning equipment. It is okay if you need to spend quite a lot for this service. After all, replacing carpets is more expensive than hiring professional carpet cleaners.

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