If you’re in the market for a new home rug, you don’t want to take any chances on a carpet that’s less than high quality. But with so many factors to take into consideration, such as color, material, style, and face weight, how can you be sure you’re in a position to choose carpet that’s going to end up being a solid investment? Even if you’ve done all your research and already have some of the top carpet cleaning companies in your area on speed dial, it can still be a challenge to pick out the rug that’s right for you. If you know anything about carpet face weight, however, it can help make your job just that much easier. If you’re not sure how to tell if your rug is durable and long-lasting, learning about face weight can help you make a more balanced decision when it comes to your final purchase. If you’re not sure what face weight is or how it affects you, here are a few things you should know.

Face Weight Can Be a Neutral Value…Or Not

If you’re shopping for a rug that’s going to last, you’re probably bound to believe a salesperson when they talk about the high value of a rug’s face weight. Face weight in reality, however, only means that a rug is more densely packed with fibers on top. While this can be a positive thing for homeowners who like to feel a lot of cushioning underfoot, it comes with no guarantees. It doesn’t mean your rug will provide a ton of thermal energy, and it doesn’t mean that the fibers themselves won’t snare or wear down with time. It refers to the weight that the strands themselves carry, and no much more. The appeal of a high face weight has become a bit more confusing in recent years, as rug salesmen have tried to incorporate the idea of high face weight into their pitch as a selling point. The bottom line? Face weight, along with total weight, should be considered, but not seen as a pivotal factor in your decision.

Learn What You Want Out of Your Rug

Do you want a rug that’s going to last? Do you want something beautiful and decorative? Are you looking for something to create a specific illusion? Do you just want something that’s going to be comfortable and easy to clean? Whatever you’re looking for, you probably have a specific idea of what’s actually important to you in terms of making a purchase. While face weight might be part of that, especially if you’re looking for a rug that’s really going to take a lot of stress over the years, it won’t necessarily be a game-changer in terms of what you’re looking for. Face weight can tell you at best what to expect from a certain rug’s density. It won’t tell you the quality of the rug, and it certainly won’t predict the future. Knowing this might make it easier to have honest discussions with salespeople about what you’re actually looking for.

Durability, Quality, and Cleaning

If you’re trying to find a rug that’s high quality, long-lasting, and not a pain to clean, you’ll probably be better off researching different fiber types or even fiber twists rather than focusing on face weight. While a higher face weight could technically indicate a more durable rug, it’s more important to choose a rug with strong, thick natural fibers rather than a rug that has a ton of heavy synthetic strands weighing it down. Consider the berber rug: While this rug type is among the most lightweight rugs, it actually ends up being one of the more durable and easier-to-maintain rug styles out there despite having a relatively low face weight value.

Face Weight Does Not Equal Sum Weight

Perhaps you’re looking for a rug that weighs a ton. Whether you want something super substantial that’s not going to budge even without padding, or you simply like the idea of a gigantic area rug in a larger area of your home, getting a heavier rug could end up being the right choice. Even in this case, face weight isn’t actually going to tell you that much about the overall weight of your rug. While it’s helpful to know how much the strands weigh together and how densely packed they are, face weight won’t clue you into the total weight of your rug selection. You’ll have to wait until your rug gets home to see how heavy it actually is. If you’re interested in a heavy rug, it’s still wiser to opt for dense natural fibers than high face weight value.



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