It is sure that you are using the Vacuum cleaner for at least two hours a day for cleaning your home. Most people often consider VCs as one of their best investments for life time. As these devices cost more, so it is important to take proper care of them. Hiring a professional will also mean investing extra amount of money. DIY exercises can be performed to ensure that you are able to use your vacuum cleaner for many years ahead.

When performing DIY exercise, you need to follow perfect guidelines to ensure nothing gets damaged during this process.

Regularly replace a new bag

Vacuums are devices that clean your home and collect all dust inside a small poly bag. It is important to change this bag over a period of time. Failure to do so will reduce its life span by few years. To replace the bag you don’t have to wait for it to fill up completely.

Bags can always be best replaced the moment they are two-third filled with dust. You need to keep in mind that debris will only enter the vacuum cleaner if there is sufficient space left inside the bag. The moment you notice that the VC is not able to clean properly, it is the perfect time for replacing the bag.

Always attach the bag properly

If the bag inside the vacuum is not fit perfectly then the debris will simply get accumulated in the air filter. This will further choke up the air filter and affect the performance of the VC. A bag will always ensure that the nozzle of the air pump is secured perfectly and prevent dust particles from entering it. You can check with online websites like for guidelines for performing DIY execise.

Using a bagless models

In case you have purchased a VC that is a bagless model, then emptying the VC more often is also important. Always make it a habit of emptying the VC after every use. This will certainly increase the life span of the machine by many years. These are specialized machines that are provided with special markers that indicate when the VC needs to be cleaned. Whenever emptying the VC always ensure that you have also cleaned the special filters attached.

Check with the brush roll

The brush of the vacuum is the main part that is in contact with the cleaning surface. The bristles of the brush should always be cleaned as small hair and fiber particles may stick to it very often.

A vacuum cleaner is an expensive device so proper maintenance is important. You can visit  and go through the guidelines that needs to be followed.

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