What is the Best Type of Pressure Washer for Me?


Gas-powered pressure washers are both solid and lightweight, as described above. They are perfect for tackling larger tasks, such as washing siding or sidewalk sweeping, but they are often noisier and more upkeep is needed.

For low-end versions, gas pressure washers usually start at about $200, and for commercial-grade options, they can cost upward of $2,000.


Typically, pressure washers operating on electricity are lighter and quieter. For small jobs around the home, they’re perfect, since they usually have a lower PSI and GPM. They’re not as strong as gas ones, though, and you’re limited by the length of the power cord when using them.

Some of the least expensive options, beginning below $100 and topping out at about $300, are electric pressure washers.

Light Duty:

Pressure washers are often classified as light, medium, or heavy duty, and the kinds of jobs they will handle are listed. Usually, light-duty versions have a PSI below 1,800, and they can be used for minor tasks, such as car and boat washing and patio furniture cleaning. Usually, these models are electric, and would cost between $50 and $200.

Medium Duty:

Medium-duty devices that have between 2,000 and 2,800 PSI are the next level up. If you want to scrub your home’s siding, scrape dirt from a fence, or wipe mould off your floor, these pressure washers are useful. Thanks to their simplicity, strength, and comparatively inexpensive prices, these middle-of-the-line options are arguably the most popular with homeowners. The majority of medium-duty pressure washers are powered by coal, but there are also some electric ones. For this sort of unit, you can spend anything from $200 to $500.

Heavy Duty:

Heavy-duty pressure washers have over 2,800 PSI and are used to handle the highest, hardest tasks, such as painting homes, sweeping driveways, and outside second-story washing. This are the most pricey ones, costing between $500 and several thousand.


At one PSI, most pressure washers run and that is it. However, you can buy a multi-duty or all-in-one pressure washer if you’re able to pay more, which helps you to change the pressure flow to fit different activities. These systems start at approximately $400 and are typically operated by gas.


You can come across some 3,500 + PSI pressure washers. These units are intended for use either commercially or clinically. Paint stripping, graffiti repair, and factory cleaning are other uses.

These units can cost $500 or more, and for homeowners, they are normally needless.

Hot Water

The majority of pressure washers use cold water, but with hot water, you can potentially clean more easily. As such, before spraying it, there are certain models which heat up the water.

The downside is that pressure washers for hot water are very costly, costing $2,000 or more. Usually, as such, they are only used for farm and industrial purposes.

Leading Manufacturers

You’ll definitely come across some well-known brands when you browse for a pressure washer.


Thanks to their revolutionary features, Karcher pressure washers are some of the most common. Both electric and gas vehicles are sold by this company and the electric models are designed to be more environmentally friendly. One special feature of some Karcher models is their “Follow Along” four-wheel configuration.


A few pressure washer models are sold by this well-known tool company, the majority of which are gas driven. The strength and output of DeWalt pressure washers is known, but many of these versions are very high-end, costing $1,000 or more.


Simpson is a pressure washer maker, and although some of its equipment are sold under the DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton brand names, the firm still offers its own product line. As they are well-made devices without the price markup that comes with a well-known brand name, Simpson pressure washers are regarded as a major benefit.


Generac sells many high-end pressure washers, beginning at about $400, operated by petrol. Many of its engines are built and manufactured by this firm, and its models have some of the best overall customer reviews.


Ryobi sells both electric and gas-powered pressure washers and, due to high-quality fittings and hoses that are engineered to make them work smoother and last longer, its electric versions are a little more costly than other brands.


Craftsman makes both electric and gas-powered pressure washers, another household name for the tool. However, it is accepted that its gas versions work better and are more stable than its electric ones.

Sun Joe:

Sun Joe might be a brand of pressure washer that is more affordable, but don’t rule it out yet. This brand offers several electric-powered versions that are highly valued by homeowners who use them around the house for simple tasks.


To update your unit, there are many attachments you can buy for your new pressure washer. For example, new fittings and new hoses can be used to repair inexpensive parts on cheap ones, which can help guarantee that the pressure washer does its best and lasts longer.

New nozzles or spray tips are perhaps some of the most common pressure washer accessories. Specially built nozzles are available to adjust the spray ‘s scale and pressure, allowing you to handle more specific jobs or cover more room at once. These extra nozzles or spray tips are normally very cheap, as an added bonus.

The surface cleaner is yet another common accessory. Usually fitted with revolving spray nozzles, this attachment features a circular deck on wheels that helps you to clean a range of floor surfaces easily and more effectively. In addition, there are a number of other pressure washer accessories that can help you handle individual work, such as brushes and surface cleaners.

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