Candles used to be used as a light source and for religious celebrations. These candles have become a part of the home decor standard. You can bring a calm and soothing glow to your space with a candle, or enhance it by adding one. You have many options when it comes to displaying them. You could keep them simple, use them as decoration in a vase or make them stand out with these creative candles decorations.

There are tons of DIYs, design ideas, and tips to help you spark your creativity. There’s a candle style, shape, and scent for every mood. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a warm glow in your living area with a mirrored tray of candles or decorate your spring table with a bold centerpiece. Many styles, shapes, and scents will suit your mood. The following tips will show you how to make candles from scratch. You can also browse our most loved scented candles for inspiration.

Candlelight is representative of many things. You can find peace, serenity as well relaxation, and romance among other things. Our ancestors also loved fire, so candlelight is something we are drawn to. Candles offer a way to enjoy the primitive attraction to flame. They’re loved by everyone, so they’re the ideal housewarming gift.

Even though candles are timeless, their arrangements can become dated. Your votive holders may be looking a little tired or your pillar seems like something from a witch’s altar. It is time to make some changes. There are many different ways you can use candles for decorating, including holiday decor and hearth accents.

How to Make Candles in 8 Easy Steps

DIY projects are an excellent way to make unique and beautiful home decor. However, DIY projects can be rewarding but it can be difficult for someone to make one that is simple and enjoyable.

Enter the candle. You can make them in a variety of ways, but they are also classically beautiful and very easy to make. They’re a popular craft item for good reason. This video will show you how easy it is to make a scented candle at your home. This Valentine’s day, give one to your Valentine for a thoughtful gift they will remember for years.

Step 1- measure the wax

Before you begin candle-making, make sure you have a flat and clean surface. The area can be protected with newspaper or paper towels. Take off any objects that could be contaminated by wax.

Determine how much wax you will need to fill your container. That is the amount of wax you’ll need to meet.

Step 2- Melt the wax

To melt the wax, pour it into a double boiler. Stir constantly.

Step 3: Add fragrance oils

Now it’s time for you to add your fragrance oils after the candle wax has melted. You can add the fragrance oils according to the instructions provided on the package. Just add it to your melted wax and stir. It is optional but we highly recommend this step for a pleasant floral fragrance.

Step 4- Attach the wick

Before you pour in the wax, the wick must be secured to the bottom. To attach the wick, dip it in the wax and then stick it to the bottom. Allow the wax 5 minutes to set up. You can also superglue it.

Step 5: Pour the wax

Let the wax cool briefly before you pour it into a container. It’s ready to pour when the temperature thermometer reads 140°.

Now, slowly pour the wax inside your container. The wick should be held in place. To finish off your candle, leave a little bit of wax in your boiler.

Step 6 Secure the wick

Secure the wick so it doesn’t move in the wax melt wax. Two chopsticks can be laid across the top and sides of the container. You can sandwich the wick in the middle to keep it centered until the wax hardens.

Allow the wax time to sit for hours a room temperature.

Step 7: Add more wax

If the top of your candle is cracked or broken, heat it and add any remaining wax. Let harden.

8th Step: Remove the wick.

Your candle wick shouldn’t be more than half an inch long. If the candle flames too long or flickers, trim it.

This info graphic shows you how to make a traditional scented candle. This guide will help you make a thoughtful gift that is easy to follow.

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