Remodeling the Office of a Client? These 9 Flooring Ideas will Inspire You

It can be difficult to choose the right style custom logo carpet or mat for your client’s space. Although office remodeling can be stressful, it can also be fun and full of new possibilities. These are some of the top trends in commercial flooring. We also have flooring suggestions to bring your ideas to life.

These are nine ideas for the flooring to use in your next office project.

  1. The New Professional: Residential

The trend for homey, comfortable design is becoming more popular in corporate offices and homes.

  1. Color Matters

Colors can evoke feelings. Although the science is not conclusive, empirical evidence shows that colors influence how we interact and act. Different business environments may require different colors.

Blue is a great choice if the business focuses on creativity and problem-solving. It’s believed to encourage comfort and creativity.

You can choose a neutral species of wood for your floor. This is similar to any of our deeply rooted, nurtured, or wooded hardwood colors. Then add color pops with wall art, furniture, and another decor.

  1. Diagonal lines to visually open up glassed areas

Partitions and glass walls are a recent trend in law firms and other businesses. An office with a wide diagonal layout of LVT and wood flooring can give the illusion of more space. This layout encourages collaboration and teamwork. The modern, open-plan layout will create a sophisticated and impressive aesthetic.

  1. Visually separable breakout spaces

Our previous tip focused on partitioning an office. However, it is possible to choose office flooring in an open layout. Open offices are becoming more popular, with many having floating or freestanding workspaces as well as breakout areas for collaboration. These large areas can be broken up with contrasting textures and colors to create a sense of separation, while still maintaining an open layout.

  1. Space (or lack thereof)

A bold floor design can transform any space regardless of its size, as it is the most important surface in an interior. You can be creative with commercial office flooring ideas.

  1. The Pattern

A unique pattern on your LVT flooring can add texture to a low-key design. These are some of the most popular flooring options:

  1. Formal vs. casual

The physical location of a company is a large part in determining its brand. A strong brand is built by choosing office flooring that reflects the business’s ideals and character. Your client is more serious about their work and requires professionalism.

  1. Urban

Many city offices embrace their environment. It’s possible to create a city-feel flooring design by using LVT or hardwood flooring.

  1. Push Boundaries

It can be difficult to work in an abstract or unusual space. However, there are ways to break the mold with your office floor design ideas. You can mix LVT and hardwood flooring. To create unique flooring designs, you can use LVT or wood planks to make unusual and random patterns. You can use one hardwood species as conference room flooring, and another for hallways or offices. Parterre flooring is versatile in color options and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of styles and designs.

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