Your bedroom acts as a safe space because of its purpose, which is a place to rest when you are at your most vulnerable, and because of its contents, which are items you keep close. People spend varying times in their bedrooms depending on what kind of space makes them most comfortable. Some people are not bound by four walls and often go out or live in unusual places. Other people feel safe when they are inside and alone.

For those who spend a substantial amount of time in their bedrooms, there are three things you could invest in:

  1. A good mattress

People who value their bedrooms appreciate their time and rest. One of the first “treat yourself” splurges you ever indulged in where mornings when you stayed in bed as a child. Sleep only becomes more and more precious as you get older, so one of the key pieces in a bedroom is a good mattress. It is a Goldilocks situation. You must find one that is big enough to accommodate your tossing and turning. It should not be too soft, as it should provide good support for your back.

If you want to go a step further in creating a good sleeping environment, you can supplement the mattress with good quality bedsheets and blankets. There is a thread count range, 300-400, that provides the softest material (anything more than that becomes unnecessary and negligible).

         2.Solid floors

Since you spend a lot of time in your room, make the space easy to clean. If you have allergies or do not have a schedule that allows you to clean frequently, carpeted floors are too much work. Consider luxury vinyl flooring instead. It is low maintenance and easy to clean. If you experience cold winters, you could install heating under the panels or add a thick rug (one that can be switched out and washed when it gets dirty). If you have hot summers, luxury vinyl flooring stays cool and does not fade under harsh sunlight.

         3.Plenty of storage space

For a bedroom to be marketed as a bedroom, there should be a window and a closet. If you are not satisfied with the size of your closet, even with additional furniture like bedside tables and under the bed bins, you could try to resize it. Consider the renovation or furniture as an investment.

Your bedroom does not only store your clothes but everything you want to keep personal. Even when you are living alone, there are common areas and private areas. When you invite guests over, they will have access to your bathroom, kitchen, and living room, but the bedroom is generally off-limits.

At the same time, your bedroom can be a place for you to do your hobbies like reading and writing. Those activities could be done around the house, but because of their nature, they should have a space allocated in your bedroom.

If you have the basics down, it is up to you to style. Display photographs, artwork, and prints that inspire you. Make the bedroom a place you can recharge in every sense of the word.


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