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So you’ve taken delivery of your new tiger print rug. It’s been found the perfect place in your home, and now you’re wondering how to take care of it. It may be made of cowhide, but it will still need some tender loving care, in order to maintain its beauty and reduce the effects of wear. Cowhide is not the most difficult of rugs to look after, but there are a few points to be aware of. For example, if you place it where it will be walked on a lot, such as in a hall way, you can expect it to show signs of wear very quickly. Placing it where it will be in direct sunlight will also have a detrimental effect. The best option for this type of rug is for it to be placed where it can be more of a decorative item. This will help it to keep looking good for many years to come. The correct care and washing will also help to keep it looking its best.


Cleaning your Tiger Print Cowhide Rug

Cleaning this type of rug is much simpler than you think. It’s not possible for it to be soaked in water or placed in the washing machine. Dry cleaning is also not an option. There follows a few simple tips for keeping it clean.

  1. Any solids wasted on the rug can be removed with a spatula. Alternatively, it is possible to let the solids dry and simply brush them out.
  2. If a stain is left when the solids have been removed this can be blotted away with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe in a smooth action, in the direction of the hair.
  3. Wet spills must be blotted away immediately, before the liquid can soak into the hide. A sponge or kitchen towel will be perfect for this part of the cleaning process.
  4. Soap can be used, but it must be a mild one and non-alkaline. A wool shampoo will fit the bill.
  5. Much like a normal rug, cowhide can be hoovered. Before you do this it is best to shake it outside. This will remove any dust or small particles and loosen any patched of dirt.
  6. You may notice the hair getting a little flat. Bring back its soft and fluffy appearance with a hard plastic brush.

The rug you buy from Hide Rugs will provide years of enjoyment. Provided you show it the love and care it deserves.

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