Our bed is probably our most favorite piece of furniture ever. It’s an investment not only for comfort but for health as well, both physical and mental. Growing up, we acquired habits of taking care of our bed. Our parents have taught us to make the bed every morning, beware of bed bugs, etc. But did you know that some of those bed-care habits actually do more harm than good?

If you’re on your way to buy a new king, queen, or a high-quality twin mattress in Salt Lake City or other places, better get to know the proper way of taking care of it. Mattresses don’t come cheap and the consequences of mishandling them will put a strain on your savings.

That said, let’s all see these mattress care myths vs. how to actually maintain them right.

Myth #1: Turn It

This is only true if you own a spring mattress; otherwise, this is not necessary at all. The general rule for spring mattresses is that they should be turned and rotated weekly for the initial three months of use, and then once every three months. Doing this helps distribute your weight evenly, while you allow one end and side of the mattress to be restored for your next turn.

Myth #2: Make the Bed Every Morning

Surprisingly, this habit shortens the lifespan of our beloved bed. Why? Because when we sleep, we lose water up to half a pint, and even more when we are sick. This water leaves our bodies as sweat, which gets soaked into the mattress.

The bed could be at risk of having trapped moisture when we make it every morning. Trapped moisture creates the perfect condition for dust mites and molds, shortening the lifespan of your mattress. The correct way to treat your mattress every morning is to let it air dry first by turning back the duvet and sheets.

The Proper Way of Maintaining a Mattress

With those two myths debunked, let’s all find out how else we could properly maintain our mattresses. 

  1. Keep It Clean and Dry

Vacuum your mattress regularly to prevent dust accumulation. If you accidentally spill something, dab the area with warm, soapy water, making sure not to over-wet it because as stated, moisture is harmful to your mattresses.

Our body oils also get transferred to the sheets and other bedding, which can get soaked into the mattress as well, so all sheets and bedding must be washed at least once a week or more often.

  1. Insert a Mattress Cover

A mattress cover will be its barrier against spills, body fluids, and other dirt. They also reduce abrasion on the mattress due to the movement of our bodies. You also need to wash the cover regularly at the highest temperature the manufacturer allows.

  1. Beware of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reported to be found even in the fanciest hotels, all the more reason you should watch out for them at home. When you get home from traveling, there’s a chance that you could have carried bed bugs with you from the hotel you’ve slept in. Next time you check in to a hotel, check the bed thoroughly for any sign of bed bugs.

Maintaining a mattress is so simple and easy. The best way to find other ways to take care of it is by asking the manufacturer or by reading and understanding its maintenance instructions.

Meta Title: The Right Way to Maintain Your Mattress

Meta Description: Making our beds every morning is a good practice. But how can we make this right? Read on to find out more mattress care myths and how we can prolong its service life.


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