Upcycled furniture, designer wallpaper and quirky ornaments aren’t the only creative and unusual way to bring a new lease of life into your home’s interior design. When giving their house a style overhaul, very few people consider the goldmine of possibilities their internal doors have to offer. Of course, many homeowners see their doors as merely functional – a means to move between spaces – but the creative use of different door designs could subtly change the way you, and your guests, see your home. When it comes to the wide range of styles you could opt for, the specialists at Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery have some suggestions…

Rebated double doors

Most people know the lovely European look French doors can afford your patio or garden terrace exit, but did you know that they can also make a refreshing addition inside your home? Whether as a room divider – used to break up a larger space to add variety or a sense of privacy – or between rooms, internal French doors are often unexpected within the house itself and really offer something quirky to mix things up. A good approach is to opt for rebated door pairs as they join together at the centre with a slight lip, meaning a snugger fit. Glazed French doors work particularly well as room dividers as they can serve a similar purpose to a simple wall while giving the impression of greater light and space.

Mirrored and glazed doors

On that note, remember that your doors don’t need to be made from one solid material. The use of glass can really make a difference to the look of a room, whether that glazing offers a transparent or semi-transparent window into another room, or reflects the room you’re in. Mirrors and mirrored internal doors are often used in shop design to give the impression of more stock and a greater space, so choosing to use this technique when shopping for new doors for your house can really make an area look roomier.


While the simplicity of a smooth and solid door works perfectly well with many types of interior design, never forget that you can add an extra surprising flourish with panelling. Options for internal panelled doors are endless – from moulded classique styles to a minimalist, asymmetrical mixed material Praiano look, so this particular type of door works well to complement any genre of home decor.

Mix and match

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule that every door in your home has to be identical. Whether you’d prefer doors crafted in a similar style – such as having one of your moulded internal doors glazed and the rest in solid wood – or you’d rather opt for a whole selection of different materials and designs in the same house, there are endless opportunities to orchestrate the perfect look throughout. The great thing about using internal doors to go big and bold is that they are very easily replaced or overhauled with a new finish, so, as styles change, it will be very easy to keep the look of your home up to date.

These are just a few examples of how you can use internal doors to spruce up the look of your home. To discover further options, visit www.wonkeedonkeexljoinery.co.uk today, or call 01938 557733 to speak to an expert adviser about our range. The website also offers a “knowledge base”, where you can find handy guides to fitting your doors along with other useful hints, tips, advice and a glossary of terms.

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