It is 2021 and the month of love has arrived. Is it time for you and your partner to finally move in?

Moving in together is a milestone for any couple. It is a major decision that should be discussed thoroughly by both parties. Moving in entails getting to know your partner deeper by knowing their quirks and habits when living at home.

Finally coming to a decision to move in requires a couple to consider several factors. What are the things that a couple must consider before taking the big leap?

Is it time to move in?

Do you know your partner well enough? Are your resources ready for a major lifestyle shift? Why are you moving in together in the first place? These are the factors you have to consider when deciding when to move in with your partner.

The first factor you have to consider is your finances. If you are moving in, you would need a house to move into. Find suitable mortgages for your needs to help you pay for your new home. ;

Apart from house payment, you have to consider your everyday expenses. Can both of your wages cover your daily food and other necessities?

The next thing to consider is your emotional preparedness. Whether you have only been together for a year or 10 years, the strength of your relationship relies on how well you communicate with each other. Consider if you and your partner have gone through enough to know how to handle each other’s emotional ups and downs. This will make it easier for both of you to manage your relationship once you move in together.

Another thing to consider which may be a cause for unnecessary relationship friction is the delegation of household responsibilities. Both of you should agree on doing your fair share of responsibilities around the house to avoid heated arguments over small things that can easily be avoided. Moving in should be a happy milestone, not a stressful one.

Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, make sure you and your partner have successfully been on a trip together. This does not mean that you should have experienced a trip without arguments. It only means that, before moving in, you should know how to handle each other’s temper and weaknesses in times of pressure and exhaustion. This is especially important if you will be moving in during this pandemic when most people are doing remote work. You will be quarantined together for a long period and you should be able to handle that.

As we are on the topic of the pandemic, this is also something you should consider if you are thinking about moving in sometime soon. Consider the safety precautions you will have to take while moving out of each other’s homes. Think about the protocols you have to establish as you move from house to house. Moving out entails the literal moving around of items and people, so safety protocols are definitely required.

These are some factors that you need to consider before taking the big step in your relationship. Once you have decided that you are ready, though, what are the ways in which you could celebrate amid the pandemic?

Celebrate Moving In

Moving in together with your partner can be an exciting new step in your relationship. It entails growth and maturity in your partnership which could lead to a lifetime of good memories. Amid the pandemic, how can you celebrate this important milestone?

You have to put safety at the forefront at all times. No matter how excited you two might be, you have to consider everyone’s safety. Veer away from peer pressure to hold a gathering in your new home. You wouldn’t want to start off this new chapter on a negative note.

During this global pandemic, people have learned how to adapt to changing times. If you want to celebrate this milestone with friends and family, you can opt for virtual means of celebration. Some people provide food and drink packages to friends and family via delivery so that they could have something to celebrate with through video calls. Make use of digital technology during this time. It is best to be safe than sorry.

Moving in with your partner can be exciting, rewarding, and sometimes scary. Throughout the duration of your decision-making, be sure to communicate all concerns with your partner so that you are always on the same page about your new chapter in life. This could mean that you should not be afraid to speak out in case you are getting cold feet about your big decision. Your partner should understand your case. After all, you should be there to support each other in any situation, good or bad.

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