A minimalist approach is a modern take on designing a house’s interior. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate it into your home.

Focus on one room at a time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of wiping your whole house clean. However, before you get carried away because of the excitement, it’s easier to start with one room first. Identify which room in the house is going to be your center of peace and stability. Once it is finished, focus on applying minimalistic design to it.

Stick to a few pieces of furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space in a room. It’s easier to remove pieces of furniture that are unnecessary and those that clutter the room. For example, in a bedroom, two single-sized beds can be merged into one. You can even obtain bedroom furniture discounts if you’re lucky. Take note that minimalism should not sacrifice comfort above anything else. If you think that a coffee table is a necessity, then it should stay.

Determine the essentials

In a sense, minimalism aims to utilize only a handful of items in your house. Take a good look around and identify what objects in your house clutter the area. If your way of life is not in any way compromised by removing an item, then do away with it.

Declutter and clean your floor

There are instances when your floor automatically becomes a storage area, like stacks of books, loose pieces of clothing and much more. Remove obstructions on the floor and clean it afterwards.

Aim to have clean surfaces

Floors, table tops, and flat surfaces should be clear of any item, placed on it as a decoration. If you like, aim to have one or two small pieces of decor. Do not stack magazines and books on your table tops. If possible, place them on a bookshelf.

Clear walls from too much decor

A minimalistic home does not have walls that are full of paintings, hanging plants, pictures or any type of decor. Follow the recommended one to two pieces of artwork or family portraits to avoid dullness.

Paint the room with subdued or mild colors

Your room should do away with colors that stress the eyes. Use colors like baby blue, beige, white and earth colors like light green and pale orange.

Do away with elaborate decor and stick to simple choices

Notice how a minimalistic room creates space and a larger area for peace of mind. Since you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a dull or a lifeless-looking house, place a vase or plant on a table top. A room that has subdued paint colors should have bright and bold-colored decor to accentuate and complement the room.

There is joy in life with simplicity. The less that you have to worry about things, the more you can enjoy what life has to offer. The same goes for designing your home and living your life.

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