Wood has been a major source of building material for centuries. Adding an outdoor space can improve the livability of a home, extending usable space, while adding value and well-being for the people who live there. Many family memories are made out of doors. When imagining the ideal outdoor design, wood is a compliment to any home. Build a strong, attractive deck by using any type timber decking northern beaches flooring that suits your style. Polish the wood to a high gloss or let it sit in its natural rustic state, and it is still gorgeous.

Types of Wood Flooring for Outdoor Use

Cedar and Redwood are both lovely timbers but are soft and lack the toughness of some woods. They may have difficulty holding up under continuous foot travel. Yet, these woods used for elevated floors are lovely. However, some fade. Yellow pine stands as the most used deck material in the United States and is imported to Australia. However, it requires care since it too is very soft.

Many natural wood timbers are rugged. Ipe, mahogany, red balau, and cambara, along with several others are great for out of doors use. The problem lies in their attraction to heat. These are better installed in an outdoor space that is covered. The plus side, it is insect resistant, and it handles mean weather conditions beautifully. Cypress wood is known throughout the centuries for its toughness. It also has oils that naturally maintain the texture of the wood, making it last.

Blackbutt hardwood is one deck covering for Central Coast regions. The wood is a blond shade and given a rating of one. Northern Box is a beautifully surfaced wood. It is Australian wood, like most on this list and a tough hard surfaced material. The Spotted gum gains its color from the shedding process of the tree, creating a lovely variety of shades that create a most desirable pattern.

Why Use Wood Instead of Other Floor Coverings?

Wood’s beauty is inspiring, and the material is easy to rejuvenate and repair. The use of wood allows designers to incorporate any era of décor into the setting, old, new, pop or rock; wood fits right in. Whether the deck is screened in, surrounded by banisters, or open to surrounding flowers, and trees, wood flooring is great. Wood allows you to use a variety of accents to enhance your living space no matter where you live, rocks, shrubbery, wicker, wrought iron, or glass.

Wood Flooring and Regions

These woods are tough enough to fit into most ecological environments. Wood floors fit as beautifully outside, as they do inside. With any wood, the heart or center is stronger. Deck wood is easily installed, and it naturally creates beautiful decks that intermingle with surrounding landscapes. Build with tallow wood, iron bark, spotted gum, and merbau. They blend nicely with the environment.

Give a home an exceptional look with a wood deck sitting high above the ground. Owners can choose wood according to the level of use since some woods have more durability than others do. Wood flooring is restorable placing it as a favorite no matter the locality.

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