When it comes to home maintenance and repair, you may be more inclined to find ways to save money instead of hiring expensive contractors and services. We all want to keep a little extra green in our pockets but we also don’t want to live in a home that has shoddy craftsmanship.

Sure you can find a handyman to help out, it will certainly cost a lot less and you’ll be assured of having the work done right. But even a handyman midlothian can have you spending more than you would like in the end. Especially when it’s maintenance and repair that you can do all by yourself.

Granted, not every home improvement project or repair job can or even should be done by amateurs at the task. You want the work done right, not cheap. However, there are some maintenance and repair tasks that you can do all on your own without the worry of causing further damage as a result.

Here are just a few you can and should attempt as an alternative to hiring someone else to do the work instead:

Swap Out A Light Switch


I know, electricity is dangerous and you could end up killing yourself. Not true. You’re entirely safe doing this type of repair. Just be sure you shut down the power in the room where the switch is located before you get to work.

A bad switch is actually very easy to replace, just remove the switch plate, locate the two copper wires that are attached to the old switch and replace it with the new switch. That’s it, you’re done. Put the face plate back on and test the switch.

Unclog the Garbage Disposal

Get an Allen wrench and twist under the disposal to determine if something is jammed in there. If you feel an object wedged inside as you twist it back and forth, you’ll need to look inside from the top to see if you can locate the item in question.

Do not reach inside there with your hand, use a utensil of some kind that can get in there and shift the item out of place. When you spot it, grab a tong or another tool to retrieve the object.

Open A Sink Drain

Maybe you’ve tried to open a clog with the liquid drain cleaner to no avail. You might have something stuck inside the U-shaped segment of pipe that is located underneath the sink. Go with the least invasive method first and grab a plunger. Place it over the drain opening and try to remove the clog that way.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you will need to remove that U-shaped segment of the pipe and remove it manually. Be careful though, you’re probably going to have all that backed up water come cascading out of the pipe once you open it. So be ready to catch it all with a bucket or another receptacle large enough to accommodate all of the backed-up water.

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