Whether you are enjoying vacations, diving into water sports, or going to the beach, the summer season is the perfect time for a getaway. But like everything in the world, this season has some cons too. With the scorching sun, unrelenting rays, and the painful sunburns, summers do become unbearable when the temperatures rise and leave you with the heatstroke. We must make the environment of our house pleasant and convenient so we can feel untroubled and comfortable. There needs to be a way to secure our house from the damaging heat and sun rays.

As seasons change, our requirements change, so does our home’s styles, functions, and usage. If you are unaware of the ways to protect your house from the detrimental effects of summer conditions in Australia, worry no more. From hiring aluminum shutter experts in Sydney to insulating your rooftop, installing patios or retractable awnings to painting your house white, there are several options for those who wish to keep heat and sun rays at bay. To guide you on the ways to protect your house from the damaging repercussions of the weather, we have compiled a list of tips so you can enjoy this season to the fullest while keeping the cool you always want in the house during summers.

Here are the five tips to shield your home from the harmful heat and sun:


Shutters are cost-effective and durable shades that proffer your house with a long-lasting style, leisure, and sun-blocking service. Even if you close the blinds, aluminum shutters let air pass while obstructing the sun’s fiery heat, protecting the house and its possessions from the harmful rays. They allow the airflow and ventilation, maintaining a moderate temperature inside the house.

Moreover, it is a known fact that aluminum is a bad conductor and a good insulator of heat, therefore aluminum shutters obstruct the heat accumulation inside the house. They absorb the heat of the sun rays and reflect it to the source, keeping your homes cool as you desire. However, we advise you to always search for the best aluminum shutter experts in Sydney to get the quality and specialized services from trained personnel.


Insulation is a vital move to keep your house cool in hot, sunny areas. It is advised that you get your house carefully lined with insulations so that the chilly air inside doesn’t escape out. From the attic to the walls and even the floor, do weatherstripping, insulations, and caulking to avoid any internal cool air to flow away and any hot air inside the house.

At times there are gaps between windows and doors as well, therefore, if needed get them caulked as well and later insulate them with an aluminum foil to create a cooling effect. Fitting weather strips on the doors, and walls is a very economical and efficient way of securing your house from pernicious heat and sun rays. These practices help to seal pack the cold air of your house and keep the interiors cool in summers.


Another practical solution is covering your house with a patio or a retractable awning, to prevent it from direct exposure of the fiery ultraviolet rays of the sun. A paved, overhead roof or pergola will shield your house from the harsh temperatures in summer.

The retractable shade is even more convenient as it protects your house and other possessions inside, from eroding by blocking the linear, unrelenting sun rays. They are low maintenance shades, appealing to the eyes, and provide an ultimate shield from the direct scorching sun.


We are all aware of the benefits of planting trees encompassing our homes. They not only make the area scenic and deliver a good quality of air but also provide a shield from the burning sun while absorbing most of the heat. According to a study, trees planted on the surrounding of your house helps to prevent over 70% of solar radiation from penetrating your homes, reducing the temperature by 20 to 45°F (11–25°C). This is one natural solution to the damaging heat in summers and has proven a success, therefore it does not involve any potential risks. It doesn’t cost much and is expected to give absolute results, all thanks to Mother Nature.


It is a known fact that the dark-colored exterior of the house attracts the sun’s heat, making the interior hot. According to a study, surfaces of your house that are painted in dull shades, absorb almost 90 percent of the sun’s energy that is eventually conducted into the house. Whereas, the facades that are painted light in color reflect the sun’s radiance from the house, keeping the insides cooler. Therefore, it is always advised that you should always paint the surfaces exposed directly to the sun with white or any other light color to shield your dwelling from harsh sun rays by bouncing them back towards the external atmosphere. This way you can keep your house cool in the summertime.


In a nutshell, we need to keep our homes cool and protected from the damaging level of intense heat and sun rays. These helpful tips if followed in combination will provide desired results and will benefit the environment of your house. There are various solutions, be it installing shades or planting trees, you just need a little awareness to execute these ideas to secure your household items and your dwelling from the extremities of the hot weather.

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