People who own property know that it is not uncommon to need to have repairs done from time to time. However, some property repairs should only be done by licensed contractors. This is usually the case when needing repairs on electrical, plumbing, HVAC and primary weight bearing structural issues.

While some people may be handy, repairs of any of the major components of a home usually require the skill and education of a licensed professional. This can be especially true for electrical work. Improperly handled electrical work or repairs can be very dangerous and can cause fires or cause electric shock.

While putting in a new dimmer switch where a previously regular switch was may seem easy once the electricity is turned off, most other advanced electrical work requires a licensed electrician. This is especially the case when adding on a new addition or structure that is filled with new wiring or when trying to upgrade electrical circuit panel or wiring.

Home Renovation Work

In some cases, handy people who decide they want home renovations done often think they can wire in the new service themselves. However, electrical cable work such as this is best handled by a high-quality electrician howell mi residents can be sure of. Because this wiring often needs to be connected into the main circuit panel, it should always be completed by a licensed electrician.

In many cases, use of a licensed electrician is required for building and construction permits as well as for acquiring a final C.O. also known as Certificate of Occupancy. Usually the local municipality requires licensed electricians to sign on as the contractor of the work before they issue the permits for the work to begin.
Power Surge Damage
Another area of great concern for professional electric work occurs when a property has experienced a power surge from an electrical storm or a transformer blowing. This can become a dangerous and costly problem if not caught early. Power surges can weaken the electrical wiring in a home. In extreme cases it can short out and damage the wiring so extensively that it will need to be rewired.

In addition to wiring damage and short circuits from a power surge, these situations can cause appliances and electronics to be significantly damaged as well. Getting surge protection on a home and appliances can help protect against this. However, if a surge occurs it can become an extensive problem that can result in a short circuit situation that grows into multiple short circuits. This requires the damaged area to be rewired by a licensed electrician for safety and compliance.

Heavy Duty Appliance Installation

When heavy duty appliances in a home need to be moved or installed, a licensed electrician should be called in as well. If these appliances do not have the proper outlets and power going directly to them they will cause electrical problems in the home. For appliances such as a dryer, electric stove and high wattage air conditioner, special circuits and outlets need to be created and designated by a licensed electrician as well. These appliances cannot operate on regular outlets and need a higher designation of electrical power going to the appliance. A licensed electrician is familiar with the exact needs that such an installation will take and can ensure it is done to code and safety regulations.

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