If you own a home, you know that cleaning the drains can be an ongoing process. We recommend keeping these tips handy to make sure your slow drains don’t get any worse.

If you have drains in your shower or bathtub, be sure to clean them at least twice a year with baking soda and vinegar. This will remove mineral buildup that can eventually trap hair and other debris, which could cause clogs in the future.

If you have a clogged sink, pour warm vinegar or baking soda down the drain. This will cause a chemical reaction that loosens the debris and should clear your drain immediately. Use boiling water if neither of these three options works. Be sure to follow the instructions on your boiling water dispenser carefully.

Be aware that some chemical products used to unclog drains can corrode aluminum or copper pipes over time. If you have either of these pipes, do not use chemical drain cleaners and make sure you thoroughly rinse the drain afterward.

If your drains smell bad, pour some baking soda down the drain. Then, mix some white vinegar with the soda and let it sit for 15 minutes. Next, pour boiling water into the mixture, being careful not to splash any onto your skin. Once the boiling water has cooled (about 5 minutes), pour it down your drain, and you should be able to breathe easily again.

Although the vinegar and baking soda combination may sound like a bad idea, it can cut down on buying drain cleaner in the future. Many commercial drain cleaners contain harmful chemicals that are unsuitable for use around children or pets, but there is no downside to using this simple home remedy.

To keep your drains from clogging over time, be sure to clean them at least twice a year with vinegar and baking soda. These two simple techniques should do the trick.

Being proactive with your drains can keep them looking and smelling great. Keeping the above tips in mind will help you to keep your drains in good working order.

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