Many homeowners love remodelling their bathrooms, perhaps because it’s a room which can easily get outdated and can suffer from the most wear and tear. The bathroom, after all, is used every single day, and its components may need to be replaced more often. A well-designed and efficient bathroom is essential if you want your everyday life to go smoothly, so here are some top tips you should remember if you are planning to remodel your bathroom.

  • Know what to use for flooring. If you are planning to replace your bathroom’s flooring and you’re tired of ceramic tile, you could consider wooden flooring. Although traditionally, wood floors for the bathroom weren’t recommended because they didn’t work well with water, if your wooden floors are properly stained and sealed, your bathroom can have a completely unique and beautiful look and feel.
  • Think about the proper lighting. Whilst many of us think about fixtures, walls and floors, and everything else, not many people think about the lighting. But your bathroom’s lighting plays a big role. For instance, most bathrooms are equipped with only a single fixture on the ceiling, which is quite ironic considering how many detailed and meticulous tasks we perform in our bathroom each day (shaving, styling our hair, applying makeup, etc.). When you remodel your bathroom, make sure to pay attention to the lighting – ceiling lights are a great addition, and so are lights that can be installed on both sides of the bathroom mirror, such as sconces.
  • Stick to white or cream. A couple of decades ago, coloured fixtures were quite popular. But these coloured fixtures have already become obsolete, and bathrooms with pink or blue or green toilets and basins just look very dated today. There are many trends when it comes to bathroom fixtures, but it’s best to stick to certain colours: either white or cream. These classic colours will never go out of style and will not have to be replaced every few years just because they don’t look modern anymore.
  • A good shower. A good shower enclosure can make your experience in the bathroom more convenient, and you should take into consideration the shower area’s size and accessibility to all members of your household as well. Nowadays, more homeowners are opting for frameless shower enclosures – they’re practical, compact, easily accessible, and help you save on space.
  • An extra, unique piece. If you have enough bathroom space, you can give your bathroom a bit more personality by adding an extra, unique piece, such as a chair or stool. These pieces can be quite useful, and they can make your bathroom look more attractive. If you’re concerned about space, you can choose to have other elements recessed, such as the clothes hamper or the shelving for linen and towels.
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