There is a growing trend of incorporating vintage garden design in gardens and outdoor living spaces today. Turns out, antique pieces, repurposed household items, and upcycled furniture can all be used to decorate gardens. Here are some of the best vintage design ideas you can add into your garden to give it a sophisticated but cozy look.

Vintage Planters

Old planters will look stunning in your garden! They create a perfectly careworn and aged look that no new planters can provide.

Vintage planters can be made of iron, metal, sandstone, wood, copper, and terracotta in all shapes and sizes. They are created with ornate embellishments, designs, and silhouettes that add charm and interest to your garden.

Aside from being just decorations, you can use vintage planters for growing your plants because they come with removable liners, which also makes watering easier. You can also place these planted pots on an outdoor table, the patio, or the deck.

Colorful Ceramics

Add color to your garden with colorful ceramics. They’re a classic in any garden, and they add life with their variety of colors.

Small to medium-sized ceramic pots would be great as table-top decorations. You can create dish gardens on them and place them on the garden table, terrace, or small corners. If you have a couple of ceramic dish gardens in different sizes, you can group them in a single spot and arrange them with a layered style.

Repurposed Containers and Items

If you have old containers in the house, you can repurpose them as planters and decorations in your garden. You can give them a stylish new life by painting them, covering them with waterproof craft paper, or polishing them before using them as planters or displaying them as decorations.

Aside from containers, you can also repurpose everyday items as unusual displays in your garden. A rusty iron basket, old ornaments, an old bicycle frame, an old umbrella, a wooden crate, an old wheelbarrow, or an old garden bench can all become exciting displays in your garden.

Decorative Tools

You can also use old tools for many purposes in your garden. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them as doorknockers, trellis, or plant labels. They are an inexpensive way of adding an old country farm charm to your garden.

Vintage Planter Tables

If you have large old planters with large cracks, don’t throw them away. You can still use them as garden tables. Place a huge concrete, wood, or flagstone plate on top of the planter so that it can be repurposed as a table. You can also use it as a stage for small planters or dish gardens.

Upcycled Garden Entrance

Add a vintage, dramatic entrance to your garden using upcycled old grates, wooden gates, wires, or doors. Repaint old items or sand them down to give them an antique look. To make the entryway to your garden even more beautiful, add weatherworn stones as paths.

After adding all the vintage displays, containers, and planters in your garden, it’s now time to showcase your plant collections. Compliment your plants by placing your vintage decorations in areas that will enhance the beauty of your plants.

Meta Title: How to Give Your Garden a Vintage Appeal

Meta Description: Gardens don’t have to be boring. Give yours a vintage look by adding these unique pieces.


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