In simple words, handcrafted products are the products which are made by hand and not machines. Although handcrafting is older method but there are many advantages of buying handcrafted products rather than products made by modern day machines. Besides the fact that handcrafted products have higher quality and are more detail in construction, there are certain side benefits as well.

Handcrafted products are unique and one of its own kind. Unlike machine products which are manufactured in thousands, people buy handcrafted products for their home to make it look more beautiful and it is personal to them but in case of machine manufactured products that same product is available with thousands other people and is not personal anymore. Every piece of handcrafted product has little difference making them one of its kind in the world. The products that one buys for themselves or their home tells a lot about one’s personality.

Things you buy off a shelf at any major retail stores suggest that one has no personality at all. Handmade products are special which is why they are given as gifts to special ones. Sure mass products goods are still gifts but nothing says that one is more important to them than giving them gifts which were handmade especially for them. Also handmade products last much longer than large scale manufactured products. Handmade products are made from good quality materials and are handcrafted by trained professionals and skilled workers.

If a person values the quality of a product more than the price, than he/she should buy only handmade goods and products. A mass product item may be cheaper than the handcrafted products but when one considers the replacement time of that same mass product, handcrafted products turn out to be much cheaper than them. Most mass product household and barware items are of so low quality that they have to be replaced every month.

Also if one has ever volunteered for child labour rights or have had the misfortune of seeing a factory in third world area where children is made to work for 10 cents a day, one’s soul can relax knowing the fact that their product was not manufactured by those children but by skilled craftsman just for a few more dollars. Also when one is buying handmade products, one is indirectly supporting ancient arts and crafts methods that has been passed through generations.

Thomas Fuchs is one such company who knows the values of these handmade products and therefore strive to conserve these ancient skills by developing a collection which is a fusion of traditional values and modern and high detail designs. In order to go through their products or buy any of the remarkable pieces of ice buckets, ash trays, barware etc. one can simply go on their website and move through the website via the collection link. Each product has been specified with complete detail regarding its material, weight, size so the customers know exactly what they are getting. Thomas Fuchs have three different subdivisions: Otium, Thomas Fuchs creative and Foxware. One can see each subdivisions for the various variety of product they offer.

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