There’s something incredibly homey and inviting about a home decorated in a Spanish style. This interior design style has touches of old-world class that’s complemented by warm, rich colors and lots of beautiful textures. If you absolutely love Spanish décor and you’re looking to decorate your own home in this style, then keep reading to learn four key elements you have to include in your décor.

Decorative Wrought Iron

Wrought iron accents are a must-have for Spanish décor. Their darker color is a beautiful contrast in this style that adds a lot of depth, and they also have their own unique texture—an important element in the Spanish style. You can add wrought iron in many places: furniture, chandeliers, stair railings, and so on. You definitely don’t want to overdo it, but be sure to add at least a few wrought iron elements throughout any area that you’re decorating in this style.

Wooden Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams crafted of dark wood are a key element of Spanish style. They should be wide and richly colored, and they should look as natural as possible. If your home doesn’t have wooden ceiling beams built into its structure, you can add decorative beams instead. These are obviously not a part of the home’s framework, but they can create that distinctive look in a room that you want to have a Spanish vibe.

Stucco Walls

As already mentioned, texture is a key element of this interior design style, and there are few textures more distinctive than that of stucco. Stucco creates a beautiful visual texture on the walls that is a treat for the eyes. You can apply a stucco finish to your walls, but you should definitely have it done professionally. An amateur job can completely mess up the stucco look, and a professional can usually get the job done much faster too.

Terracotta and Ceramic

Terracotta and ceramic are two more materials that are incredibly common in Spanish décor. There are many ways to incorporate both of these elements into your design. You can have terracotta or ceramic tiles on your floors and in your kitchen backsplash. You can use terracotta pots for your indoor plants. You can switch out your old switch plates for ceramic ones instead. Again, don’t overdo it by making everything terracotta and ceramic; but definitely try to add a few accents in each room, at least.

If you’re trying to decorate your home in Spanish style, be sure to include the elements above. By incorporating wrought iron, stucco, wooden ceiling beams, and decorative light switch plates in ceramic or terracotta, you’ll have a beautiful, warm, and inviting Spanish-style home.

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