Sacrificing your comfort is not a good idea even when you live in a small house. You may opt to live in a tiny house due to its low maintenance and low utility costs. Being space-conscious could also lead you to live in a small space, but this doesn’t confine you to a life without luxury.

Working with tight space in your house needs some creativity if you desire orderliness. You may not get all the appliances you want, but those you need can fit in with the right arrangements. Find out how to go about choosing those appliances that you need in a tiny house.

Air Conditioners

Living in a tiny house can make installing some air conditioners difficult, if not impossible. There are, however, varieties of air conditioners to keep your home cool and fresh without needing too much space. They include window-mounted, personal, and portable air conditioners.

They are easy to set up, maintain, and occupy less space. A portable air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier, cooling the house and removing moisture in it. It’s flexible as you can move it from one room to another.


Recliners offer the best comfort when reading, watching TV, or relaxing. They provide better posture control and relief from pain. For these reasons, you need to buy a recliner even if your house is small.

There are smaller but comfortable recliners ideal for your tiny space. Choose a recliner that is perfect for your house but with your comfort intact. Avoid those with bulky arms as they tend to pick up too much space.


If you are alone, you can do without a dishwasher, but if you’re a large family, life can be hard without one. With a small space, dishes cluttering in the kitchen can make it messy. Invest in a small dishwasher to take care of your dishwashing needs without filling up a huge space.

There are portable dishwashers that fit well in closets when not in use or you hook them on the sink. You can roll away those with wheels after you finish with them to maximize the space in your kitchen.

You can also opt for countertop dishwashers the size of a microwave and store it away after use. There are several dishwashers that can fit in the space under the sink saving valuable space.

Outdoor Appliances

Some appliances may not fit in a tiny house but can be put outside and used from there. You can get coolers and put dry ice in them to help keep your products fresh.

You can also do some outside cooking, which is also fun and lessens the mess in tiny kitchens. Pizza ovens, barbecue grills, and outdoor bars are some appliances you can put outside to save on the inside space. Choose appliances that are portable, foldable, and light for easy movement.

Washing Machines

Laundry piles up fast and you may not have the time to hand wash them, a washing machine becomes a necessity. Taking the clothes to the dry cleaner adds more expenses to your budget. Purchasing stackable dryers and washers will save you the trouble, and they don’t occupy much space.

Portable machines may not handle much load at once, but they do the job and save on water and power. You can operate using hands or foot pedals. You may also need a hanging line with these ones since most of them don’t dry the clothes.


When purchasing a fridge, choose a slim and sleek one to save on floor space. You can also get a small fridge without a freezer, as it will occupy less space. If you must have a freezer, get one and keep it outside.

Short fridges also save on space if vertical space is not enough. You can use space on top of the fridge to store a microwave, an electric kettle, or any other items that can fit on it and declutter your kitchen.


Unless you eat out, your kitchen needs some cooking appliances, and an oven is one of them. A wall oven is ideal for small houses as it’s flexible. You can install one in your kitchen at any height. Choose the appropriate height to avoid bending when cooking with it.

An electric oven is better than one which uses propane or gas. Measure the cabinet cutout and the wall oven before replacing to avoid buying a bigger or smaller one. A double oven allows you to cook two dishes at the same time using different temperatures since it comes with independent temperature controls.

A portable propane cooktop is perfect for those who don’t cook much, and electricity is not available. You can use it on the countertop and store it away after cooking. The majority of these cooktops don’t need to be indoors so you can use them outside and save on space.

Multi-Purpose Appliances

Getting dual-purpose appliances not only saves on space but also saves you money and time. Toaster ovens not only heat bread but can grill fish, cook pizza, and air fry food. Some cookers will pressure cook, sauté, slow cook, and roast food.

These appliances also reduce the use of oven or gas range, reducing your reliance on gas and propane. There are ranges that come with a microwave intact saving you the cost and space of buying one.

Coffee Makers

If you are a coffee lover, large and heavy coffee makers are not the best choices for your tiny house. You can get a standard one-cup coffee brewer. A French press is, however, more convenient than the air press as it doesn’t need disposable filters.

You can also get an electric kettle instead, which will come in handy when you need to boil water for other uses apart from making coffee. You can, as well, use your propane stove to make your coffee.

Knowing what appliances you need for your tiny house isn’t enough; you’ll need to measure the space before bringing them in. Buying without measuring can be disappointing if you bring in an appliance that can’t pass through the doorposts or fit properly in a small space. The above tips will, however, guide you on what you need the most.

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