If we’re lucky, aging happens. Along with increases in wisdom and experience come the inevitable decreases in strength, flexibility, eyesight, and balance. While these changes are certainly challenging, they are by no means the end of the road and need not necessitate leaving your comfortable home. You can find any number of mobility solutions designed to help you continue to live independently at home even after the effects of aging begin to set in.

One such solution is a stairlift. Stairlifts are a chair and rail system that can be installed on your staircase to transport you smoothly and safely between the different levels of your home. Stairlifts can be made to accommodate nearly every staircase configuration, so there’s a lift system out there for you. They aren’t terribly expensive, especially when compared with alternatives such as assisted living or full-time care, but they are an investment. With that in mind, it’s fair to ask, “when is it time to consider a stairlift?”

Reason #1: Time

If you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding trips up and down the stairs because it takes so long to make the trip, it might be time to consider a stairlift. Traveling up and down your stairs should only take a moment. If it’s taking you many moments and you have to stop for a rest along the way, a stairlift can help. With the assistance of a chairlift, you can move up and down the stairs safely in no time at all. You’ll again be able to “run” upstairs to grab your sweater or downstairs to get a book with no hassle at all. If you’re missing the freedom of moving about your home at will, a stairlift might the answer.

Reason #2: Pain

All the springy bits that help us move comfortably and freely start to lose their “spring” as we age. Without this natural elasticity, joints become stiff and achy. The result is pain as we move and especially as we travel up and down the stairs. Using the stairs in your own home need not be a painful experience. A stairlift system lets you move between floors with zero pain.


Reason #3: Can’t Catch Your Breath

If you’re dizzy or out of breath after climbing the stairs, then your stairs are no longer safe. Serious falls can occur when people experience lightheadedness on the stairs. You’ll never lose your breath riding a stairlift.

Reason #4: Poor Balance

Many adults begin to feel less steady on their feet as they age. The reasons for this are varied, but whatever the cause, the result is a higher risk of falls on the stairs. Balance isn’t an issue on a chair lift.

Reason #5: Poor Eyesight

Eyes are another thing that takes a hit from age. Older adults struggle with their depth perception, the ability to see in low light, and they often experience generally declining vision. These problems make using the stairs extremely challenging. You can use a stairlift safely even with poor eyesight.

The Safe Choice

When these effects of aging become a reality, it’s time to consider a stairlift. While it may seem like a big decision, if installing the best straight stairlift or curved lift allows you to remain in your home and avoid injury, it just might be the easiest decision you ever make.

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