We have only recently had the technology to create very efficient domestic air purifiers, and with the current trend for healthier living, the best brands of air purifiers are flying off the shelves, as more and more homeowners realise the many benefits that breathing purified air brings. Of course, there are many toxins that the average home is exposed to and rather than having to change your living habits, it is much more convenient to purchase a quality air purifier, which silently works in the background, removing harmful contaminants from the atmosphere.

Advances in Technology

The latest generation of these devices includes a plasma ioniser air purifier, which is the most effective method to keep your indoor air of a very high quality. If you happen to live in South East Asia, you will already be aware of the pungent smells that Asian cooking produces, and it isn’t only the smell that lingers, with many toxins that remain in the air and are undetectable to us, yet breathing this air day in, day out, can be a health risk. Most people consider the cost of an air purifier as money well spent, and after all, we are talking about you and your family’s health.

Portable Purifiers

These are without a doubt the most popular, as the unit can easily be relocated to another area of the home, and once the unit has done its job, it can be moved to another room. The best models have five or more separate filtration systems, and with gas and fine dust sensors, anyone with an allergy will likely find the problem suddenly disappears. There are filter replacement lights that tell you when it is time to replace any filter, and with a powerful deodorising feature, bad smells will be a thing of the past.

Online Solutions

It might take you a while to find a high street store that sells this innovative appliance, but with reputable online suppliers, you can buy the best brands at lower than retail prices, and there’s no salesperson breathing down your neck when you buy online. Buying online doesn’t mean you lose out on product warranties, as the supplier issues the same guarantee as a traditional retail store, however, the online supplier does not have the huge overheads of a bricks and mortar retail outlet, and can therefore offer a lower price.

Removes Harmful Toxins

If you are a smoker, or have recently had a smoking guest in your home, the smell of stale tobacco lingers for many days, and it isn’t just the foul smell that remains, with harmful toxins that we cannot detect, and a portable air purifier will remove all harmful elements from the air within a very short time.

We all owe it to our families to provide clean air, and with the average person spending as much as 90% of their free time at home, the ideal solution is to buy a portable air purifier, which will work silently in the background, ensuring your interior is always free of odours and contaminants.


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