Windows come in all shapes, sizes, materials and budgets, and it’s important that you consider the right ones for your home before you buy.


Budget is so important, and there’s no point in even starting window shopping until you have set your budget. These days, it’s possible to find low-cost double glazing suppliers and fitters, but make sure you go to a reputable firm who guarantees their work and the windows themselves, which will save you money in the long run.


Most people go for UPVC windows these days, but if you live in a conservation area, have a listed home or just prefer a rustic look, you may want wood. Although UPVC is low in maintenance and easy to clean, wood is just as durable; high-quality wood windows can last up to 60 years before rotting.

Window Energy Rating

New windows in the UK come with an Energy Efficiency Rating, which incorporates a number of factors, including the frame and the glass U-value (the amount of heat lost through the material). Ideally, you want the highest rating of A++ and a low U value, whatever kind of home you are in. The more energy-efficient your windows are, the warmer your house will stay in winter without the need to crank up the heat. It can also stop your home from overheating in summer. If you are looking for double glazed windows in Dublin, make sure you choose ones with the best possible energy rating. When it comes it windows Dublin, homeowners doesn’t want to compromise on anything, especially warmth.


The style (or shape) of your new windows will come down to two main factors: where the window is going and the existing style of your home. Some of the most common window varieties chosen today include fixed-pane windows, single-hung windows, casement windows, horizontal sliding windows and double-hung windows. Some other popular styles in period properties include beautiful sash windows. If you are not sure what style is best for your home, speak to your local supplier.

Budget, personal taste and the style of your home will all come into play when you choose new windows, but whatever you go for, make sure they have the best energy rating you can find.

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