House is the place where we spend most of our time. We return to our homes from our exhausting and stressful work routines and find them as the most relaxing place. A house can be built in a few months but its maintenance requires lifetime efforts.

It is a desire for everyone to have the most beautiful house where they can forget all their stress. People love their houses not only because it is a place where they can relax but also they are emotionally connected to it.

The emotional attachment to a house is mainly due to two reasons. Firstly with all his heart and soul, a person tries his level best to build the house of his dreams. Secondly, the house is the place which connects us to our loved ones and family.

The constant maintenance of a house is not only to make it look more beautiful and luxurious but is also to make it a safe place to live. Psychology says that a person feels most safe and secure in his house so to make a house a safer place to live; time to time small maintenance efforts are required.

Speaking about the maintenance of a house it is very important to take care of the small issues concerned with the safety of family members. There are many things in a house when issues related to them are not taken care of, then they can cause a serious injury or harm to anyone. So here we are about to discuss the ultimate most easy tips to maintain your house.

So, any type of electricity issue should never be ignored and must be solved by calling an electrician in Inner West. Since they offer 24/7 services, your issues will be rectified immediately.

  1. Switch them off Please!

Electricity might be one of the most important things in our life but it can be highly dangerous, even a small single act of carelessness can cost a life. So, any type of issue relevant to electricity should never be ignored and must be solved by calling an electrician. Keeping the house safe from an electric current is very important since it can dangerously harm someone in the form of an electric shock.

Another important factor related to electricity is how we can save it. As electricity demand is increasing day by day it has become very crucial to save it.

Most of the time people don’t notice minor things like

  • Keeping lights on unnecessarily
  • Leaving the house with a running air conditioner
  • Water heater is always switched on
  • Secondary refrigerators unnecessarily running
  • Television is always on
  • Many devices are on standby

So one of the crucial ways to save it; is to avail as much of natural light as possible by turning the lights off during the daytime. It is not only a good method to save electricity but it can also improve your health. Natural sunlight has vitamin D and 1 out of 3 people have a vitamin D deficiency problem.

Such things seem to be very small and unnoticeable but they play a very major part in wasting electricity. The unnecessary wastage of electricity is not a good situation since the demands are increasing day by day and it will be difficult in the future to fulfill the demands of electricity.

Along with the drawback of demand and supply, another problem of not switching off things is the increment they make in the electricity bills. Wasting electricity means paying an extra amount of money for the electricity in your bills which you didn’t even use.

So, it is very important to switch off all the lights, appliances, heaters and everything which you are not using. You can make a habit of checking the switches 2-3 times a day especially before sleeping or you can even install smart plugs in your houses.

  1.   Smart use of a thermostat

Smart use of thermostat involves using the thermostat 1-2 degree lower in temperature. By keeping it 1-2 degrees lower efficient electricity saving can be done. The average temperature of a thermostat is considered between 68-78 degrees F depending on whether it is summer or winter.

Similarly like thermostats, the air conditioners should also be running on a temperature that can do energy saving. All the temperature maintaining appliances should be running on a temperature which is good enough to save electricity.

  1. Choice of appliance

As technology is advancing, new discoveries are being made every day to make human lives easier and comfortable. Different sorts of appliances are being discovered every day which require a lesser amount of electricity to perform its function or they help in saving electricity.

You can use LED lights in place of normal light bulbs since they consume less electricity. LED light bulb consumes almost 75% less electricity than the normal bulbs. You can use a DC converter air conditioner in place of a normal air conditioner as it consumes less electricity.

You can install smart plugs in your house to save electricity. You can also installed a solar energy system which is a great investment having long-term profits.

  1.   Avoid over-heating of appliances

Leaving appliances switched on for a long time not only wastes energy but it also heats them up. Over-heating of appliances damages them and can also cause serious harm like burning or bursting of appliances.

When appliances are overheated they can become a cause of electric shock. If someone suffers from an electric shock then, immediate first aid actions for an electric shock should be done.

LED lights do not overheat like the other bulbs so LED lights should be used. The use of smart plugs helps in switching off the appliance which saves them from over-heating.

  1.   Safety of children

Extra precautions must be taken for children especially toddlers since they are at high risk for an electric shock. Following things you can do for your child’s safety

  • Hiding extension cords behind furniture
  • Covering the socket and light switches with a non-conducting material
  • Putting kitchen appliance out of reach from children
  • Keeping water away from cords and electrical devices.

The maintenance and safety of the house is a lifetime duty that one must fulfill actively to avoid any undesirable situation.


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