You may enjoy strolling through your landscaped garden or holding intimate gatherings among the trees in your backyard. However, you probably won’t like the idea of doing these things in plain sight of the neighbors. While privacy screens between your backyards sounds good, you may also wonder how long they will take to install.

Fortunately, some screens are easier to set up than others. To help you get started, here is a list of privacy screens that you can easily install in your garden. Most of the options on the list only require an afternoon and a helpful friend at most. Plus, they can all add their own charm to your backyard!

7 Easy-to-Install Privacy Screens for Your Garden

   1. Lattice Panels

The clean criss-cross patterns of these panels allow light to filter through while still shielding you from prying eyes. Simply mount lattice panels onto a wooden frame. You can opt for a lattice panel made of pressure treated wood, which is more resistant to termites and other natural elements. Decorate your lattice by painting it, staining, it, or hanging plastic flower pots containing your favourite plants.

   2. Trellis Wall Planters

Any freestanding wall planter can serve as a barrier, really, but trellis wall planters are a prime choice simply because they’re generally taller. All you have to do is place your planter wherever you want it to be in your backyard. Some lovely vines you can grow on the trellis include bougainvillea, jasmine, and honeysuckle. These plants won’t just add even more privacy with their vines and leaves, but their flowers will lend color to your garden as well.

   3. Woven Screens

This kind of privacy screen will keep you well hidden from the folks next door without blocking the gentle afternoon breeze. There are screens woven from plastic and colored to resemble rattan, but you can also buy a screen made of hazel switches. Get one with eyelets or buttonholes for easy installation.

   4. Folding Screens

This is essentially a woven screen made of several panels, which you can fold up for easy transportation and storage. To install, you just need to unfold it! Make it stand on its own by placing the panels to form a stretched W instead of a straight line.

   5. Wood Fences

There are countless varieties of wood fences on the market, ranging from panels to slats. A versatile option for wood fencing would be Kempas slats, a warm choice with their reddish- to pinkish-brown color. You can position the slats either horizontally or vertically for your privacy screens. Go one step further and alternate patches of wood fencing with bamboo rods or laser-cut decorative screens for a truly contemporary look.

   6. Rollout Fences

From their name alone, you’ll be able to guess how these fences are installed. Rollout fences can be made of willow twigs or bamboo. Natureed®  fencing is especially popular for being both durable and beautiful. A rollout fence is also an excellent solution if you have an unsightly wall that you want to cover up, or if you want a backyard pool to gain privacy and certification in one go. Just unroll the fencing and attach it to a frame or an existing wall.

   7. Bamboo Panels

Showcase the textures of nature by installing bamboo panels as privacy screens. You can purchase bamboo panels as ready-made panels or make your own by attaching bamboo rollout fence to wooden frames. To retain the bamboo’s color for longer, you can coat the screen with a clear protector.

Whether made from timber or bamboo, easy-to-install screens can grant as much beauty and functionality as their more complicated counterparts. What’s important is that your garden is as private and as close to paradise as you want it to be. Don’t forget this list the next time you shop for privacy screens!

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