This article about outdoor lighting tips will cover the many different options you have for highlighting the patio. Without a good lighting plan, you and your family can’t enjoy this outdoor living space at night. Poor visibility can lead to mishaps and injuries and when you’re having a good time, you don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Neglecting the patio as part of your outdoor lighting scheme doesn’t make any sense as it prevents you from using the entirety of your home’s livable square footage outside. You put a lot of time, effort, and money into designing and building your patio, you shouldn’t be limited to enjoying it only when the sun is up.

Patios are meant for entertaining and that includes the night-time as well as the day. But if you don’t consult with your Landscape Lighting Company on proper lighting for that part of the home, you’re missing out. So, let’s discuss how you can use outdoor lighting to illuminate your patio…

Priority One Is Lighting Your Stairs

Most patios have some height to them which means you have at least one set of stairs leading up to the surface. Whether it’s just two or three steps or an entire staircase, you must absolutely include some form of lighting on this area. Even a couple of steps can be dangerous should you miss one and fall down.

A railing certainly helps for keeping one’s balance with low visibility but that shouldn’t be the only safeguard in place for ensuring no one takes a tumble. Slip and fall accidents on stairs can be extremely painful, not to mention dangerous for longer flights of steps.

But adding proper lighting at or above the stairwell will drastically increase visibility while great reducing the potential for injury.

Illuminating Walkways and Pathways

Since your patio is located outdoors, you may have more than one way to access that location. That might include an exterior walkway or path leading to and from the patio to some other area around the property. Anyone walking along that route of access could easily trip without proper light.

So, consider installing light fixtures along the edge of your walkway to make it easier for people to see where they are going after the sun has gone down. Not only will these lights make it safer to travel to and from your patio but the right lighting can also accentuate the home and provide increased curb appeal.

Floor Lamps and String Lighting

As for the patio surface itself, you do want to have proper lighting to keep this area well-lit and two of the more popular options that homeowners often rely upon are floor lamps and string lights. These are affordable choices that bring some flair to your exterior décor.

You can use these options on their own or as additional layered lighting on top of more traditional fixtures that are installed along the side of the house or above the patio should there be a roof constructed above it.

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