More homes are embracing smart technology in everything from controlling the temperature and lighting to detecting carbon monoxide and conserving water.

But one of the more popular methods for utilizing these futuristic advancements in home functionality is by connecting the windows to the many different devices and gadgets that have recently been developed for the marketplace.

For most consumers, integrating smart technology is about increasing security for the home as well as offering more energy efficiency and privacy from the outside world. While these enhancements are becoming standard in newer properties, older houses and apartments can also be retrofitted with similar devices and gadgetry no matter when they were constructed.

If you are planning on building a new home or renovating your current property and smart technology is something you wish to incorporate in your plans, there are plenty of options for all kinds of windows including bay and boy window styles. Many homeowners think you need to choose your windows carefully in order to integrate smart technology, but any size and style can be adapted for use.

There are many intriguing options available for updating your windows for the 21st century, here just a few of the most common choices that consumers select for their homes and businesses.

Window Security Sensors

When consumers are asked why they choose smart technology for their homes, the two most popular responses are security and convenience, in that order. What they like about having their windows integrated into a smart technology apparatus is that they can monitor their home through an app on their smart phone or tablet.

That’s how security sensors work, they monitor your windows at all times, allowing you to see if they are locked or not. That will give you peace of mind when you can’t recall if you closed and locked all of your windows before you left the house. The sensors provide a real time status report of each window, including whether or not any of them have been broken into at any time.

But don’t worry about compromising the aesthetic design of your home’s interior either, as most sensors can be installed for total concealment.

Door Lock Sensors

When we talk about windows, we often forget about the doors in the home. Most of them incorporate windows into their design and construction, so they too must have some kind of smart technology integration to increase the security of the home.

That’s why many of the leading smart technology developers have come up with smart door locks that allow consumers to monitor the doors in their homes along with the windows.

These special locks don’t just alert the homeowner to a front or side door that is unlocked, they also provide the user with the ability to lock the door from a remote location. This increased functionality includes keyless entry options along with Bluetooth-enabled devices that broadcast a live feed of the door and its window panes and even documents how many times that door has been opened.

Sliding glass doors are essentially large floor length windows and these too should also have some kind of enhanced security options to remain safe. There are door lock monitors designed specifically for sliding glass patio doors that can offer the user more ways to ensure that their home is fully protected.

Electronic Blinds and Shades

Windows aren’t the only components of the home that can be made smarter, so can their coverings and dressings. Homeowners who opt to select blinds and shades for their windows have the option of choosing automated versions of each.

These blinds or shades are located between two panes of glass and they can lift or lower via a motorized mechanism triggered with a remote control. The smart aspect here comes in the capability for programming the window coverings to rise and fall at particular times of the day.

If you want the shade to be brought up to let natural light in the room, you can program it to be raised at whatever time of day the sun is brightest. Set it again to lower when it gets dark out and you wish to have more privacy in your home.

Many of these smart blinds and shades can be controlled with an app on your phone or with a remote that you can use in the same way you would your television or blu-ray player. But for those homeowners who wish to open and shut their blinds or shades from anywhere in the home or away, this is another ideal choice for integrating smart technology for your windows.


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