No one wants bugs, rodents, and other creepy-crawlies skittering around the house. But efforts to keep pests away can be a tough nut to crack as these tiny intruders can bring germs, bacteria, and disease from all kinds of places you don’t want to think about.

You may have tried all the usual options, bug spray, mousetraps, yet even those have been less than 100% effective and you’re not too keen on retrieving dead mice with broken necks from underneath the sink or behind the bedroom headboard. Maybe you’re not ready to call in professional Pest Control Services because of the costs or inconvenience of having to move you and your family to a hotel or neighbor’s house while your entire home is being fumigated.

So, here are some of the ways that you can keep those household pests and rodents from getting inside and causing you a whole lot of headache. Implementing methods for prevention is much simpler and far cleaner than trying to get these nuisances out once they’ve gotten in.

Take Out the Trash

If you want to keep your home free of rodents and pests, the first place to look is at your trash. Mice, rats, flies, and all kinds of other gross critters love garbage and when they see plenty of it lying around, you’re all but handing out written invitations to your home.

This is obviously important for the inside of the house, you certainly don’t want garbage and litter piling up inside, but it’s the exterior of the home that can get overlooked as a source of pests and rodents.

Be sure to take out your garbage regularly and take a look at the trash bins and recycling receptacles outside as well. You want to keep that area neat, clean, and tidy, without detritus and litter lying strewn about and unkempt.

Check the Condition of Your Lighting

Lights may not seem like a magnet for pests, but think again. The state of your home’s outdoor lighting can have a tremendous impact on keeping pests (particularly flying ones) from coming inside and making your house their home.

You need proper illumination to keep your home and family safe, but reconsider the types of bulbs you install into your fixtures. Avoid putting in bright white and go with something colored with a yellow or pink tint. These bulbs won’t attract bugs, flies, and moths like the white bulbs do.

Another thing to consider is the type of bulbs you put in, try a high-pressure sodium vapor alternative or halogen bulbs to reduce the level of flying pests that come around looking for comfort and snacks.

Seal All Openings

Lastly, if the pests and rodents don’t have an entry access into the home, they can’t get in. So,it’s up to you locate any gaps, crevices, cracks, and other vulnerabilities that these nuisances can exploit as a means for making themselves at home.

Find these openings and shut them down for good. It might take a little caulk or weather-stripping around doors and windows to get the job done.

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