Studies show that changes in our environment can help us better deal with established routines, recover from difficulties and tough times, ease depression, and give us a new view of the world at the challenges it brings.

Changes in the environment can help put us in better moods, feel refreshed, think positively, and our creative skills are honed as we spend time in new—or new-looking places.

If you feel like something is lacking when it comes to your living space and you want to spice things up for a change in scenery, here’s a list of interior modification projects you can do to achieve a brand-new look along with a different feel:

  1. Change up your coffee space.

If you’re an avid fan of coffee, you likely have a specific space within your home where you love to take your warm—or cold coffee sips any time of the day. This space helps you clear your thoughts and relax. Adding mural wallpaper on one side of your coffee space will give the space the mix it needs to look different and exciting.

If you want something new in that space, you can paint it white or close to white and pair it up with natural wood finishes along with your countertops, tables, and chairs. You’d be surprised by how new the space will feel after.

  1. Be one with nature.

If you have a home with many windows or strategically placed ones, you can take advantage of the refreshing natural light from the great outdoors. To take things up a notch, be one with nature by placing flowers and other indoor plants inside your home.

Aside from making things look brighter and fresh on the inside, you also get better air quality, and you consume less energy on keeping your lights turned on.

  1. Make your bathroom look bigger.

Do you feel like your bathroom is too crowded, and it makes you feel queasy? Well, you can make it appear bigger without breaking walls down and extending its area.

Painting your bathroom with white paint will make the private space appear bigger, even if it’s small. Top the modification off with a few flowers on top of your bathroom shelves that fit with your bathroom’s design, and you’ve got a cozy place to relax after a long day at work.

  1. Use open kitchen shelves.

Kitchen cupboards can make kitchen spaces look crowded. Besides that, they’re also prone to pest infestation when they’re not cleaned regularly and are always closed.

Replacing your overhead cabinets with open shelves will make your kitchen more spacious. Add white paint and some wood finishes, and you’ve got yourself a brand-new kitchen without the hassle of big renovations.

Just make sure you stack your kitchen items cleanly by your shelves. They’re open, making falling items likely when you’re not careful.

  1. Combine small rooms.

If you have two or more rooms at home that are small and crowded, it might be a better idea to break the walls down and combine them into a single room. You get more space, new home layout, and you can place more furniture in them because of the space saved by removing the walls. Again, adding white paint will help the new room look even bigger.

  1. Use paint on bathroom walls instead of tiles.

Bathroom tiles are overrated. They’re only widely used to finish bathrooms because people got so used to them. But when you look at a tiled wall hard, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look good. Nor is it sturdy. Similar to floor tiles, they can get chipped and fall off the wall. Leaving your bathroom wall with an annoying hole.

Instead of wall tiles, paint it with a matte color. Combine the paint with colorful shower curtains, towels, and bathrobes. You get yourself a well-coordinated bathroom that looks good in pictures. You can take things to the next level by displaying colored tissue rolls.


Making changes to your home’s interior doesn’t have to be in the form of costly, time-consuming, and extreme makeover projects. Adding a new decoration, rearranging furniture, changing paint colors, and modifying illumination, among others, will take your home’s interior design to new and inexpensive heights.

Most of these modifications can be done by you. You only need the right equipment and the time to do the ones you think will help achieve your interior design goals. You never know what your powerful homeowner brain can think of and achieve.


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