When you are building a deck, you want to make sure that living space is comfortable for use at all times. There are a number of things you can do in order to make your deck an enjoyable place to be, chief among them is the addition of a shade. So as you go searching for a deck contractor edmonds you should start to consider your options as to the ways you may shade your deck on those bright and sunny spring and summer days.

Patio Umbrellas

This is perhaps the most common option, one that has stood the test of time and is not only affordable but offers versatility. You can open and close it whenever you need some shade, so your deck isn’t permanently closed off from getting direct sunlight. These umbrellas are even portable, so you can move it from one section of the deck to another or even take it with you in the event you move from this house to another.

There are many different umbrella styles and options from which to choose, picking the one that’s right for your deck might require a little research. But in the end, you’ll find the one that works best.


While umbrellas offer a temporary option for shade on your deck, a pergola is intended to be a more permanent alternative. You have the choice of erecting a pergola as a free-standing structure or installing it to the exterior of the home. The pergola provides your deck with shade while also giving you the opportunity for decorative flourishes in the form of lighting or hanging greenery that can placed in whatever creative manner you see fit.

You will have to be somewhat handy as a pergola requires some assembly, which you can do on your own or hire someone else to do that work for you. But once it’s up and ready, you have a choice of options as to the material you select for the canopy that is placed along the top of the structure.


This is a shade solution that provides limited shade but you can place your furniture beneath it so you have the shade you want when you need it. That limited space is located near the exterior wall of your home, as that’s where the awning is typically installed.

You might choose to put a retractable awning so you can open and shut it as you would your patio umbrella or place a more permanent option above your deck so that you have shade all the time. The retractable models are motorized so you merely have to flip a switch or press a button to retract or extend when you need it.

Shade Sails

Another option that can be a temporary solution, shade sails are large pieces of fabric that resemble a ship’s sail and they are tied to surrounding features such as a railing baluster, a pole, even hooks that you can anchor into the side of the house. These are very easy to put up and break down.

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