For flawless modern fires that make a great focal point indoors or as an artful outdoor modern fireplace, consider a Spark Fires modern fireplace. They are engineered to not only warm up a room but also illuminate rooms through contemporary designs with a perfect, glowing fire ribbon. When modern technology and fireplaces combine, the result is a work of art.

A modern fireplace by Spark Fires is unlike any other fireplace since it does not require a chimney or hearth. They can be installed in a variety of areas in a home, unlike traditional fireplaces that often need large wall space for clearance. Traditional fireplaces have their location chosen by where the chimney can be placed. A gas fireplace by Spark Fires gives you the design freedom to put your fireplace in just about any place you desire inside or outside your home. Their models range from 80% to even 90% energy efficiency rating. Whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, you can get stunning views anywhere you decide to place your Spark.

Traditional outdoor firepits and fireplaces simply cannot give you the options that an outdoor gas fireplace delivers. From a linear outdoor system that enhances landscape or architectural designs to fire cubes engineered with sophistication in mind, you will achieve enviable contemporary designs, every time. Whether you want diverse, geometrical designs or multiple exposed sides, Spark Fires allows for customization for endless possibilities.

So if you are ready to adopt the concept of a fireplace that brings both modern architecture and cutting-edge technology together, then try a modern fireplace from Spark Fires. For fires with a tremendous energy efficiency rating that delivers in both design and performance, contact Spark Fires today!

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