If you are thinking about living separately from your family, the first thing that comes to mind is to go apartment hunting. Living comfortably means that you can afford to eat more than three meals a day, pay your bills, and to have a roof over your head. When talking about your ideal place to stay, you have several options. You can either rent a house or settle for an apartment.

If you have plans for living alone, you may want to consider renting a studio apartment, which is ideal for single individuals. If you are having doubts about this idea, you can read through this article and figure out the pros and cons of living in a studio type apartment.

What are the pros of living in a studio apartment?

Independent living

If you are used to living with your parents, you can become too dependent on them for almost everything. They pay the bills, take care of the food and groceries, and sometimes even lend you money. As much as you would like to live with mom and dad for the rest of your life, you have to grow up and let go at some point. Start your journey towards independence by renting a studio apartment. You should also invest in some furniture like reclining sofas, a mattress, kitchen appliances, and a table and a couple of chairs to make your life more comfortable.

Low maintenance

If you devote most of your time to the office, there is no use in getting a more prominent place. Cleaning can be challenging if done every day. If you choose to live in a studio apartment, you can maintain the area by doing some household chores every day.

Affordable rent

Living alone does not require you to spend too much money on monthly rent and utilities. Since studio apartments are small in size, most units are rented out at an affordable rate. You can use your savings to plan a vacation or buy something special for yourself.

What are some of the most common disadvantages of living in a studio type apartment?

Small living space

If you are not used to living in a tiny area, choosing to rent a studio can pose a problem. You cannot have all the things that you wish to have inside your apartment. Most studio apartments do not have any dividers. You have to figure out where to position the bed, dining area, and the place where you entertain visitors.

Not ideal for roommates

If you are the kind of person who loves to seek company from others 24/7, living alone in a studio may not be for you. This type of apartment is meant for single individuals who are looking for a comfortable place to sleep every night.

Lastly, you have to remember that living in a studio comes with its pros and cons. It would be up to you to choose what is best for you.

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