A Victorian styled home is a dreamy place where all the things are from the era of old English and the blend of traditional furniture, wall hangings, rugs and décor is based on the choice from that age. If you fancy having such a décor for your house, you need to first learn all the things about it and then start the décor.

The best idea is to blend the modern luxuries and comforts, with the décor from the Victorian age. A room that looks cozy and comfortable, yet it has the antique models, paintings and other crafts in it, is what a best Victorian styled modern home should be like.

There are plenty of useful things at your home that you can use to turn an otherwise common looking house, to a Victorian one. And here we are going to help you decide on what these things can be.

Victorian furniture should be heavy

When you are choosing the furniture for a Victorian styled home, you need to know that it has to be heavy. The one factor that can define the furniture of Victorian homes, is that they are bold and heavy and have highly polished finish as well. so choose your beds and sofas that give a look of old styled furniture yet you could complement it with the intricate designs of the cushions and covers.

Bedlinen and silk has to be laced

Now the Victorian touch for any kind of cloth, is laces. So try putting those to the bedlinen and silk but be sure not to saturate the vision with the excessive use of the lace and drapes. For this, you will have to choose the color and the fabric with care so that the space looks fresh and wide.

Wall hangings have to be vintage

The wall hangings and the paintings that you are going to use, would of course be antique styled. It would be wise to add some vintage maps and travel photos to the walls as well to give a complete look to the house. vintage maps prove to be the most perfect decoration idea for the Victorian homes and when you complement them with the old photos, vintage suitcases and globes, they are definitely going to create a lovely Victorian environment.

Go vintage with the lights too

The lights are one of the most effective things when it comes to making the Victorian theme for your house. the lights should be warm and low and should not fall from the ceiling. Rather it should spread from the lamps. Choose the lamps wisely, add a few candle stands as well. the chandeliers are the must but with the warm lights. You could add bright lights for some specific jobs to be done but be careful, those fixtures must not be very visible. This way, addition of a few things in Victorian style, can make your home completely gothic.

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