Furnace fixes often mean big expenses. So when your furnace isn’t working properly, your first thought is to call in a company that does heater repair Cleveland. Your next thought is for your wallet and how much of your hard-earned money this problem is going to cost you.

Well before you bring in the pros, try to do a little detective work on your own to ascertain the source of the problem. Chances are you may be able to solve the issue yourself and avoid paying those service fees and repair bills. We’re not saying that every furnace problem has a do it yourself solution, but you should try and rule out these potential issues first. You might be pleasantly surprised.

So, the next time you think your furnace is on the fritz, try a few of these troubleshooting ideas to rectify the problem you’re currently experiencing.

Ignition and Pilot Light Problems

Most gas and propane heating systems will employ an electronic ignition or a pilot light to start. Naturally, this would be the first place to check if your furnace is demonstrating some functionality issues. It may even be something as simple as rebooting the unit in order to get these essential components in line for the benefit of your furnace.

To do that, just shut off the gas valve for a few minutes. From there, turn it back on and the ignition should spark back to life. However, if you discover that your ignition still isn’t working properly, it may no longer be operational and that will need to be replaced.

Check Your Furnace and Burner Doors

Every heating system is reliant upon two specific doors. There is one located on the burner and another located on the furnace itself. You should check to be sure that both doors are shut tight and neither one is ajar or even loose. If either one is not fully shut, the heating system will not operate properly.

So, before you make a costly service call, give the doors a try. You may just save yourself $100.

Try the Thermostat Next

If everything looks to be in order so far, turn to your thermostat to see if that’s the cause of your troubles. Funny enough, most homeowners overlook the importance of the thermostat as the source of any potential heating system interruptions. But we’re here to tell you that your thermostat could very well be the culprit.

The first place to look is at the batteries in your thermostat unit. When was the last time you put in fresh batteries? That’s probably a tough one to remember. So, it might be the reason why your heating isn’t kicking in when you need it to. Take out the old and put in a fresh pair, then try again. If you’re still having an issue, turn to the fuse box or circuit breaker and make sure nothing has been tripped.

These are the most common home remedies for a furnace that isn’t working. If you continue to experience problems, you may need to get an expert involved after all.

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