An improperly functioning heater can leave your family shivering under blankets or relying on dangerous space heaters that can lead to a fire or other problems. Instead of risking it, talking to professionals that know heating cincinnati oh can keep your family comfortable and safe for years to come. Before you make the decision to replace, or not replace, your aging heating system there are some things that you should consider.

Efficiency of Your Furnace

Older heating systems aren’t as efficient as their new counterparts. The technology behind them has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. Even if your furnace appears to be working fine, there are still steps that you can take with the help of a professional to increase its efficiency if you are not ready to replace it. Heating costs in Cincinnati are on the rise in recent years and residents are looking for ways to lower their bills. While investing into a new heating system can be expensive, it can easily pay for itself in savings within a decade and sometimes even less. Even newer systems have room for improvement that is much less costly than replacing the whole thing.

Make Your Whole Home More Efficient

In order to lower heating costs, a lot of people will turn their thermostat down by a few degrees. While this may save money, not everyone in the home wants to dress like they are taking a trek through the snow while they are just sitting on their couch. A good way to get around the battle for the thermostat is to make sure that your home is properly insulated. You can determine what improvements your home needs by arranging for an energy audit. There are many states that will allow you to do this for a low price or even free as long as you choose one of the approved companies.

Adding insulation to an improperly insulated home, especially older ones, can be very cost effective and relatively simple. In some cases, adding spray insulation around the foundation or insulating the floor of your attic can make a drastic difference for just a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, insulating your entire home can get rather costly especially if they are planning on insulating your walls. This process can be time-consuming and involves removing all of the siding on your house before blowing the insulation in your walls. After this process is done the siding needs to be reinstalled professionally as well.

Inspect the Ducts

The problem with your heating system may not be the furnace itself. The furnace is just one part of the system while the duct work that goes throughout the rest of the house is another important factor when it comes to efficiency. If your ducts are not sealed properly and have gaps or problems with the insulation you may be heating areas of your home like the attic and basement that are not being used frequently. By having your heating contractor repair and improve your duct work, you can save hundreds over time.

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