Though it is easy to get excited about the move, planning and packing can be overwhelming.  But, if you plan for it and stay organized, the process can be less taxing. Here are tips and tricks on how to save money and pack for your next move.

Choose the date

When you choose a specific date, it will help alleviate some of the cost of moving. You can opt on moving during the lean season which is generally from September to January.  Moving during these months can be a lot cheaper compared to moving in the summer. By choosing the date earlier, you can also book affordable movers. Most of the companies might even offer discount moving prices if you book early.

Get estimates

Getting several cost estimates is one of the best moves you can make. You can shop around the different moving companies until you find the best. Furthermore, you should check out the company’s reviews before you make the final decision. However, an affordable moving service does not always mean it is reliable.

Sort and pack in advance

Though some moving companies have packing services, you can easily save money by packing and sorting things yourself.  This is what you can do.

  • Have a variety of packing supplies and boxes in different sizes.
  • Create a checklist of your things and the boxes you placed them in.
  • Pack a first night bag. Know that you will not be able to unpack your clothes immediately upon moving in.
  • Make sure you place the things from the same room in the same labeled box.
  • Check each room if there are things that were left behind.

Clear out things you do not need

Moving residences is the best time to de-clutter. Furthermore, it can also be a way for you to get extra cash. Most of the people who move residences usually have garage sales to earn while de-cluttering. Plus, the fewer things you bring with you, the faster the movers can get their job done.

Hook up the utility services early

Have the utilities transferred to your name in advance. By doing so, you can avoid extra charges for the utilities you did not use. Make sure that you know how the utilities can be transferred to you. Try to notify your internet service provider three weeks earlier. Most of the providers will need a few weeks before they can schedule you.

Keep the movers in the loop and give them a treat

Let the movers know what to expect. Have constant communication with the moving company. By doing this, they will explain to you all the expectations and requirements you need to have prior to booking.  You can also ask how you are going to get from point A to point B on the day of the move. Plus, movers will know all the necessary details in order to help you estimate the duration and the cost. Whether you asked your friends for help or hired a moving company, be sure to have drinks and food ready for everyone. They will surely appreciate it.

Remember to always to keep things on track. The reality of packing your things and the cost can be daunting. Remember to organize and prepare in order to save yourself from the frustration of moving.

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