Installing a bar in your garden or as part of your pub has become an increasing trend particularly after the long hot summer of 2018! There are many imaginative ideas to investigate but here are three that are sure to inspire.

Parasol Chic

Your space doesn’t have to be large to incorporate your own exclusive bar. In a courtyard of moderate size, the main bar is installed in a shed with double doors that open to reveal rows of shelving laden with a tempting variety of spirits and fruit juices. Glasses and cocktail shakers and bowls of nuts and pretzels are on the counter top. Two circular tables made of sustainable timber are fitted with large beige parasols to provide shelter from the temperamental weather. Discreet battery-operated lights hang from beneath the inside of the parasols to cast a delicate glow at twilight. Chairs are made of similar wood with decorative cushions in a bold, colourful design to add interest. Surrounding the area are beautiful evergreens such as conifers, euonymus and scented lavender to make your guests feel relaxed.

A versatile Bar within a Pergola

The long bar of this garden is set at an angle along one length of the plot. Behind and over it are the timbers of an ornate pergola with the delicate fronds of pink-flowered clematis twisting around the pillars. The bar top is narrow and fabricated of an easy to clean surface in a light grey granite that glistens in the sunlight. One discreet shelf is fitted behind the bar to hold drinks and bottles of everyone’s favourite spirits while the bar is in use. At closing time items are stored in the cupboards and refrigeration unit beneath the bar. Over the bar itself to offer almost invisible protection from the rain is transparent, ridged panelling of fibre glass. Simple chairs of a cubed design are placed near the bar along with square metallic tables that can be stored away when necessary.

Innovative Furniture Pallets

The bar of this garden is installed in a small shed with a drop down panel at the front that serves as a counter. Inside there are several shelves, a small sink with a running water supply and a compact refrigerator for keeping a steady flow of ice cubes and slices of lemon at hand. LED lighting lines either side of the shed to illuminate the area at night. The tables are constructed of recycled wooden pallets, the slats of which add an interesting design. They are fixed at parallels to the shed with two sides placed at 90 degree angles to create cosy corners for guests to be seated at. The bar stools are made of smaller pallets in a cubed design. Nearby are flower-filled raised beds made of similar pallets to complement the design. Dawnvale are experts at designing and installing imaginative, unique bars both inside and outside in gardens and sheds.


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