When it comes to kids, there is nothing more exciting than electricity! Little scientists want nothing more than to play with the shocking stuff that can instantly turn off your lights and start a fire. Here are some of the most important things for parents to teach their children about electricity.

Water and electricity do not mix

Do not wait for an accident to happen before teaching your children the danger of playing with electricity and water. Before operating any electrical equipment or device, be sure to keep the hands dry to avoid electrical shocks. Appliances that have been damaged by water must be replaced right away.

Electric outlets are only for plugs

Protect your kids from injuries caused by electrical outlets. Tell them that electrical outlets should be left alone. A curious kid may stick other items to an electrical socket and could potentially suffer an electrical shock or burn.

Adults should only operate electrical devices

Encourage your kids to ask for help when operating any electrical equipment or appliance inside the home. You should never leave your kids alone at home or in a room, where there are electrical devices they can easily reach. Otherwise, you run the risk of putting your child’s safety at risk as well as damaging your electrical system and home.

Consult a licensed and skilled San Diego electrician

Besides educating your household about fire safety and risks, it is also very important to have your electrical system regularly serviced by a pro. Avoid troubleshooting home electrical problems on your own. Leave the job to the hands of a licensed and skilled electrician. Regular inspection and maintenance of your electrical system will ensure its efficiency all year round and prevent emergency breakdowns. What are you waiting for? Call your trusted local San Diego electrician today!

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