Hospitals care for individuals that are ill or otherwise compromised. These institutions tend to be large, and there could be hundreds of patients and healthcare staff members within a hospital building on any given day. If mold is found within the building, an experienced team that knows how to safely contain the problem is critical to everyone’s potential health. Some mold types are known to cause health problems. For immune compromised people often found in a hospital setting, inhaling dangerous mold spores can be highly detrimental. If this sort of situation arises, hospitals can count on DKI Services to promptly respond with a restoration plan.   DKI Services is the obvious better choice for mold remediation for hospital facilities. These fast acting professionals have the background, knowledge and specialized training necessary to safely remove mold without exposing sick individuals to cross contamination from the mold site. These experts are also highly trained in critical infection control measures needed when working in populated hospitals. They can expertly form a barrier wall between the location of the mold and other patients and people. This barrier wall is for temporary purposes as the team works to remove mold and restores the affected area.   Mold releases airborne spores especially if disturbed. These spores can then be breathed in by living people or animals. When mold is found somewhere inside of a hospital, quick action is needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Call DKI Services to assess the mold situation. They will have the necessary protective clothing and equipment to perform this tedious task. They will also bring highly powerful commercial fans to direct the airflow away from populated areas. The company has heavy duty equipment that is industrial grade, and they can get the situation resolved using the correct techniques in a shorter time period than most other mold removal services.   Since DKI Services has trained their emergency health response team in the required safety and infection control measures and procedures, hospital administrators know that this team is equipped for the job at hand. DKI Services has equipment to test the mold and determine the type. Then, using careful strategies proven to work, the specialists will eliminate the mold. They will provide HEPA filters for specialized vacuums used solely for mold removal. This ensures that the mold and spores don’t get into other areas of the hospital. These professionals will determine how the mold got there to begin with.   After the mold is safely removed, the team will ensure that any assessed problem is fixed to prevent further mold outbreaks. This might mean fixing holes or cracks in walls, roofs or floors. There might be a ventilation problem that enables an environment suitable for mold growth. Sometimes a broken or cracked water pipe is discovered. Whatever the issue, DKI Services will remedy it. The company also offers extremely effective mold prevention services. This can be a protective barrier designed to stop moisture from entering the area. Hospitals wanting to know if mold is present can call DKI Services for a fast and accurate mold inspection.   Mold can be a health hazard, and it often damages the structure that it is present on. Fast mold remediation can halt this fungus and keep people from exposure. DKI Services delivers top-notch mold restoration services.

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