There are many reasons your home or business could benefit from an epoxy treatment of your concrete floors. With your existing floor, you could be dealing with everything from peeling paint and loose tiles, so you need something durable and attractive to protect those high traffic areas. It is important to choose a treatment that fits both your usage needs and style concerns. Epoxy treatments come in a variety of colors and types so you are virtually guaranteed to find a fit for you. Formulas which include anti-slip additives can add an extra measure of safety, or you can use different colors to designate different work areas. Preparing your floor for an epoxy treatment is simple and can have lasting advantages. With everything from added safety to moisture resistance, here are some benefits of using an epoxy guard on your concrete floor.

Protection From Moisture

It might be hard to believe, but your concrete floor can retain moisture long after it looks dry. Moisture can cause the growth of mold and mildew and can be difficult to remove. Before you apply anything over a concrete floor, it’s important to conduct a simple moisture test. This will allow you to prepare the floor for anything you might put over it and requires only a few simple supplies. Once you have determined that your concrete is free of moisture, you can treat it with an epoxy guard. This will keep future moisture from building up and contaminating your floor.

Protection From Wear

Not only is epoxy an effective moisture barrier, but it also protects your floor from normal wear and tear. The epoxy coating creates a durable and smooth finish that protects concrete from damage caused by heavy foot traffic and machinery. Most epoxy treatments also protect from fading associated with UV exposure, so you can be sure your floor remains attractive for many years.

Protection From Stains

The protective finish of epoxy can also prevent stains in addition to preventing damage. With a quick and easy installation of epoxy, your concrete floor can become easy to clean and resistant to stains, whether it’s as simple as a spilled glass of water or as considerable as an oil leak from your car.

An epoxy treatment of your concrete floors has many benefits. Whether for your home or your business, an epoxy guard for your concrete floor often requires little to no maintenance and can protect from moisture, damage, or stains.

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