When you have made the big decision on selling a home, there are things, which will add value and which you need to consider first. You cannot just wake up one day and then you have it advertised online or in the dailies, nope. You have to ensure that the house or property is in perfect condition and therefore the value increases significantly giving you more return on investment.

Following are some of the costs you’ll incur when selling your home in Miami

The cost of Cleaning

A prospective buyer will very much be interested in the cleanliness of the home. You may decide to roll your sleeves up yourself buy a professional will always do a better job. Ensure the household and pets odors are eliminated in the carpets and other fabrics. These smells linger and can be quite notorious especially when the cleaning is done by a non- professional. Some of the things you need to do are to scrub the bathrooms, wash the windows, clean appliances and wipe down the walls and the doors. When your home is clean, you even have the boldness to bargain for a higher price and therefore you need to get a professional to work with your interior and exterior outlook.

Cost of Painting

One of the best ways that would freshen up your house is painting. It is actually one of the inexpensive ways to spruce up your home. It gets rid of odors, makes the rooms pop and when done on the exterior makes the house appealing. To achieve the best in painting, you should use natural and quality paints. Such paints help the prospective buyer envision their valuables in the house and give a new and modern appearance.


Depending on how long you’ve been in that house, there are breakages here and there; some missing tiles, leaking ceiling, some adamant spots, a broken window glass, door and such. That is why you need to do a thorough inspection of the house and call in a professional to do the repairs. It may look like an expense but it will add up to the resell value significantly. Your home must look move-in quickly and not just a fixer-upper. When the repairs are fixed, you will be surprised by how much more money you’ll make by selling it.

Home staging

This is where you prepare your house for sale in the marketplace. Here you make the house appealing to the highest number of bidders and therefore you sell it more swiftly and at a high value. Your property is transformed into an attractive one, which anyone would want to buy. Staging ensures that your home is show-ready. It involves working on your exterior, get new plants, removing furniture, and the general clutter. You may need to bring in decorative stuff also as part of home staging. If you have a front porch, you can highlight it with some new quality furniture. Furnish the interior also with equally good furniture and this will create a show-room experience, which adds value to your home.

Before selling a house as is, it is important to consider things that would add to its value. It may look costly but it ultimately pays. Sprucing up that house may even add the value to more than 20% of what you’d have earned ordinarily.  Get a professional to help you prepare your home to sell today and see how its value increases significantly.

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