When you think about giving your home better resale value, you probably start by imagining lots of high-cost projects you can undertake to boost curb appeal and make a profit in the long term. But when it comes to giving your home a better value, all you have to do is choose windows that give your home a fresh look and better insulation value. You don’t have to break the bank on a large, difficult home improvement project or spend days covering your home in a fresh coat of paint. You can simply select windows of all shapes and sizes to give your home a beautiful new look and a higher curb appeal. If you’re wondering how windows can boost your home’s value, read on.

New Windows Help Your Home Stay Energy Efficient

If you bought your windows 20 years ago or longer, or if your home windows came with your house, chances are you’re overpaying on heating and cooling each year due to bad protection and faulty insulation. Older windows were made with only a single pane of glass to protect from drafts, making them particularly vulnerable over time to air leaks and moisture buildup. Over time, this could be doing a ton of damage to your home. When it the time comes to sell or refinance your home, you don’t want your windows to stand in the way of the property’s overall value. Instead of thinking of new windows as an expensive home improvement project just for aesthetic purposes, think of it as a major investment you’re making in your property to get the best possible resale value.

They Look Great

In addition to saving you money on heating, your new windows will make your home look beautiful to passers-by. You can use your new windows to make your home look stylish by adding some new details and decoration, or you can add a layer of curb appeal-boosting privacy by installing frosted glass or tinted glass to protect your home from prying eyes. Whatever you decide, installing new windows will help your home look its best by putting the newest, most efficient home models right out in front, making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

They’ll Last Longer

While older window models and vintage windows might have a lot of charm, they can’t compare to the strength and durability of newer window models on the market. Most new windows come built with double-pane or even triple-pane glass to provide twice the protection of older windows. Newer window models are also built to last longer and go without a ton of maintenance or weatherproofing in between seasons. When you replace your old windows with new ones, you’re taking a ton of work out of the winter-proofing process.

They’ll Protect Better

Most importantly, new home windows will do a better job at shielding your home from all the unpleasant outside elements that threaten to sneak in and corrupt your home’s structure, such as dirt, dust, snow, and moisture. If you want your home to look great and stay free of mold, moisture, and rot, new windows are the best way to go.

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