Spark Fires Contemporary Fireplaces Made for Today’s World

Today’s customers are looking for fireplace options that can replace and improve upon traditional wood fireplaces. The busy nature of today’s society makes it even more difficult to keep up with the constant attention that a wood fireplace needs. The styles and performance offered by the modern gas fireplaces at Spark Fires will instantly change your mind about contemporary fireplaces. Not only are they easier to maintain, but they outperform wooden fireplaces with energy savings, flame control, freedom of design and much more!

With the indoor gas fireplaces by Spark Fires, you are able to control everything from flame length and size to customization. You can place your indoor fireplace on walls, floors, as fire windows, etc. The design customization gives you much more freedom than traditional wooden fireplaces. A Spark Fires fireplace doesn’t take up a large portion of the wall like wooden fireplaces, and you have the option of having different sized fireplace designs. You can even customize the flame length and fire objects, giving it the contemporary look you desire.

With outdoor modern fireplaces, you are also getting the benefits of indoor designs. There are many spots that you can place your fireplace. If you can dream it, it can be done! From pool wall fireplaces to firecubes and linear burning systems, radiate beauty from every design with the signature Spark Fires flame. The glowing orange flicker goes well with any scenery and design, making it the perfect focal piece for your patio or yard.

Get a contemporary fireplace that features a crisp, flawless design, outperforms wooden fireplaces and does not need a hearth or chimney. Forget about drafts and heat loss with the energy efficient designs from Spark Fires. Saving you money while making your outdoor and indoor area the perfect space for entertaining. Contact Spark Fires today to see how a new modern fireplace can bring life to your space!

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