Winter in full swing is a dreadful time. There are days when the skies are clear, and you have nothing to worry about. Then, suddenly, the weather shifts, and it shifts something close to an Arctic landscape. Weather like that is worse, compounded by the pandemic we currently have to deal with.

When it clears, there might be fluffy-looking snow and dazzling icicles that make it look like something out of a movie. But these will also cause other problems like drafts or worse (you won’t want to wish ice dams on your worst enemy). Calling servicemen for furnace repairs, among others, could help you avoid this, but that’s only part of what you should do.

If you want to spend your holidays hassle-free, here’s a list of tips that you can follow to make your holidays a true winter wonderland to behold.

Take a look at your attic

Seeing icicles and the snow majestically blanketing your eaves and roof might be breathtaking, but there’s a catch; it could mean that there’s a draft entering your home, and your attic might not be insulated well against the weather.

This means that there’s heat being lost from other parts of your home. From the rooms to the main living space, check the temperatures of the rooms in your home. When that heat escaping from these rooms goes with the frozen snow outside, a melting cycle might occur that eventually turns the snow on the roof to water and then to ice.

These are the reason behind ice dams. If this is not resolved immediately, that means the accumulation of ice and water might enter the attic and damage the roof and ceiling of your home.

Trace the point of escaping heat

If your attic has icicles, then it goes without saying that there’s heat escaping somewhere. Go outside and check if there are problems with the foundation or the whole house in general. Walk the whole perimeter, and look at the corners; check to see if there are points where water can seep through the walls and cracks where the heat can escape.

It’s hard to check for leaks during the freezing weather, but you’ll see where there are problems in the structure of your home. When the snow melts, be quick to check out where it seems to be seeping in your home.

Add some spring color to your home

There’s a benefit to the cold winter and COVID-19 happening at the same time. We’ve spent more time in the house to see which areas are in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, aside from knowing which parts of the house feel like there’s a cold draft coming in. You don’t have to wait until spring itself to dab your home in the colors of the season.

There’s a case to doing paint jobs during the winter. With the air dry and warmer temperatures concentrated inside, the color dries faster. You won’t even have to open the windows to air them out if you use the right paint.

Check your roof for blockage

Sometimes, when there are storms or just generally strong winds during the seasons prior, branches and leaves fall off trees, and you might have an idea of where they’re going. It’s something you should be doing before the winter, but you should’ve gone up there to check for debris. You should’ve also checked the attic for insulation and the right ventilation.

During winter, after storms, you should remove snow as quickly as you can or if it’s already safe to do so. If you can, use your roof rake and make removing snow from reachable areas in your roof a habit.

Check your trees for debris

This is another thing you should be doing before winter. If there are trees on your lot, you should check them out for excess branches. Cracks and leaks come from bangs from debris, and tree branches are the worst enemies of worn-out roofing. If you can, try to brush off snow from the branches or cut them during the dry. Proper tree maintenance can save you a lot in roof and attic repair if you do it as well as looking for leaks in your home.

Aside from cold drafts and ice dams, leaks are the worst; they let mold and mildew into your home and easily help you get sick. At the time of the pandemic, this is simply a no-no. Vigilance, coupled with timely maintenance, can help your home survive most of the winter.

Meta title: Cold Pandemic Winter: How You Can Care for Your Home

Meta desc: During the winter, you might feel cool air coming from somewhere. If it’s not coming from an open window, you’ve got a problem. Find out what you can do.

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