Plumbing issues are not uncommon. Homeowners will encounter one or several of these issues annually.

Plumbing problems are mostly a result of worn-out parts in the drainage system or our lifestyle at home. Many people can quickly sort out small plumbing issues such as replacing a washer. However, major drainage issues like faucets that leak frequently and problems that affect the sewer system need the intervention of expert plumbers in North London.

If you are still wondering why you are having a plumbing issue for the fourth time this year, below are practices that may cause plumbing troubles.

Let us delve into specifics.

  • Ignoring routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid major plumbing expenses. You can schedule annual or semi-annual maintenance checks. Seek the services of professional plumbers in North London. These experts will conduct a thorough inspection of all faucets, drainages, and the entire sewer system, which allows them to catch minor issues before they escalate into major problems.

One of the reasons why we prefer the use of skilled personnel to conduct such maintenances is because they are licensed and are equipped with the right tools to give you exceptional services. Besides, they receive comprehensive training in all plumbing matters and can handle several plumbing issues without much difficulty.

  • Allowing food and hair to go down the drain

Clearing leftovers in the dustbin is one of the best practices if you are looking to minimize blockages. Leftover foods do collect and clog the drainage, causing major plumbing issues.

Also, washing or shaving hair in the sink is another culprit responsible for clogged drainage. Some of the hair go down the drain, wreaking havoc on the drainage system especially when they cling to other substances in the pipes such as grease and food particles. In both cases, installing a mesh guard in the drains is vital as it catches hair strands and food particles before they go into the drainage.

  • Pouring grease into the drains

Grease is a notorious cause of blockage in most homes. When washing dishes, do not cultivate a habit of pouring the grease into the drains. They will then pour hot water into the drain to help melt the grease away. In as much as this is a temporary remedy, over time, small amounts of grease left in the drain will accumulate, causing blockages.

  • Using the toilet as a trash can

There is a reason why trash cans are a necessity. So, when you are cleaning your bathroom, avoid the temptation of throwing objects into the toilet no matter how small they are. These objects can clog the toilet’s drain, which can turn disastrous.


Plumbing issues are common but can cause unnecessary stress to homeowners. They are not only expensive but also compromise the functionality of your home. However, by not doing the above-mentioned practices, you minimize the likelihood of facing plumbing troubles and digging deeper into your pockets to sort out the issues.

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